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One Thing In A French Day

Cultivate your French with Laetitia's podcast

Improve your listening skills and comprehension of the French as it is spoken in France.

It will work for you as it already works for the thousand's of listeners already enjoying Laetitia's everyday life adventures in France.

This is a "all-in-French" podcast! It is released 3 times a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays). A typical podcast's length is 3 to 5 minutes.

In this podcast I tell you about my everyday life here in Paris, but I also share with you nice encounters with friends or professionals (pâtissiers, booksellers, bakers, etc). 

Use your ear

Use your ear to improve your language skills by listening to authentic French.

Hear the rhythm of the spoken French in real context.

Short episodes

Short episodes will fit easily into even the busiest day.

An episode a day will help you maintain and build on your French language skills.


Learn common everyday expressions and typical sentence structures. Expand your vocabulary.

Stay connected to French when you cannot travel to France.

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I love to tell stories, I love everyday life, I love meeting people, this is what I share with you.

About Laetitia

My name is Laetitia and I have been running this podcast since November 2006.

I’m French, I live in Bois-Colombes and I have always lived close to
Paris. I’m married to Pietro, from Lyon and of Italian origins, and we
have three daughters, known as « Les trois chipies » : Micaela born in
2005, Felicia born in 2007 and Lisa born in 2009.

Besides the podcast, I work as a self-employed entrepreneur in the
publishing industry. I write phrase books for professionnals that I
publish at Editions Café Anglais, my own publishing entity.

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