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A best friend is one of life’s treasured gifts. For women, especially so. If we are blessed, we may have several to walk with us through life. As children, we tend to gravitate toward “our one best friend.” But as we mature, we realize there isn’t “just one person” who can meet every need we have. For wives, not even husbands can do that.

Hopefully, we are blessed with a variety of friendships. Friends we work with, friends we exercise with, PTA friends, church friends, and neighbors. There are times, however, when friends are not available—or, they are altogether absent. 

Thankfully, we serve a God who can and does meet the needs of women completely.

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Dianne Thornton

Other than spending time with my family, my heart’s passion is teaching the Word of God to women. The relational and emotional needs of women are deep. God meets those needs amazingly! When you fall in love with Jesus and the Bible, you will experience the full, over-the-top abundant life He wants you to have. It’s not an easy life, but it is rich in meaning and fully satisfying (John 10:10).