VA Business Intensive Bootcamp

Get your first paying clients within 6 weeks!

What to Expect

Forget the traditional training courses that you've tried unsuccessfully to build your online business.

Join an interactive and supportive Facebook group where you get the fastest and most effective exercises and encouragement to get your online business up and running within 6 weeks. Some training you can expect:

Daily video

Each day you'll get a short no-fluff step-by-step video on growing your online business.


Daily assignments and templates that help you reach your goals faster.

Accountability buddies

Make lifelong online friends by being paired with someone to keep you on-track and accountable.

Share your daily assignments

Get feedback on your daily work to help keep you on track.

Daily motivation

Affirmations, quotes, practical examples, etc.

Daily reflection

 The chance to share what you've discovered each day and to reflect on your progress and your next steps.

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