Wendy Rohin, PT and Everything Babies Presents:

 The Key Elements of Infant Development from Birth To Walking: 

Laying the Foundation for the Next 20+ Years

A VIDEO COURSE on everything you need to know about the fundamentals of infant development so you can help your baby get on and stay on the right track through the first year and beyond!

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  • How development is neurologically predetermined to follow a specific sequence.
  • Key concepts for each of the four stages of motor development from birth to walking.
  • How gross motor milestones in the first year are like the foundation of a house that all further development is built upon.
  • Why tummy time and crawling are more important than sitting and walking.
  • Why "midline" and "crossing midline" are necessary for cognitive development.
  • How all other development stems from the gross motor skills acquired in the first year.
  • What can happen long term if babies don’t follow the natural course of development.
  • Resources to help you if your baby gets off track!
  • And so much more!