Meet your tutor! 

I can pinpoint the lack of confidence or lack of knowledge your teen is struggling with, and get them the wins they need. I'll tutor them through their academic struggles, giving them grace and providing direction.

I have over 20 years of experience working with families in a variety of capacities (I've made lunches as a nanny and helped children blossom as a dancing instructor). As a coach, I support families to connect again through healthy relationships, improved behaviours and ultimately creating positive identities.


What do we cover in these tuition sessions? 

Here is a sampling of the topics we will cover; not every session covers every topic. Over time, we will discuss each one. I will be sure to prioritize exactly what your student is currently working on; therefore, class size will be limited, in order to maximize effectiveness. 

*If you have a student in another year, please contact me for their appropriate tutoring options. I am more than happy to discuss with you and find a solution that will fit your child's and family's needs!

40-50 minutes


We will cover topics typical to the year 10 class level, including: 

🟢Algebras 1 and 2



🟢 Study practices and methods

40- 50 minutes


For the second hour, we will discuss English* class concepts, including: 




🟢Idioms and More

*This is for the child who is fluent in English and studying advanced concepts and principles. If beginning English is needed, please consider one of my other programs or offers, such as 1:1 tutoring.


Q & A / Coaching

Not only do I make sure that students have a place to clarify their understanding of their studies, but I also will help them with test anxiety, lack of confidence, and those other areas of well-being that can affect grades even more than simple understanding. 


One Month's FREE Access To  My Teen Accountability Program

Get a whole month to see what it's like to have your teen in my accountability program for free! We will have a monthly zoom call, set educational goals, and check in to work on solving problem areas!

My tutoring will help your student in both the academics and in the confidence they need

Don't just get any tutor for your teen; with my methods and experience, I can help them know how to study, have goals, take action, and feel great about themselves as a quality student!

Contact me!

Still have a question? Not sure if this is right for your child? Contact me and I will answer as soon as I can-I want to be of service to your child's education and growth!