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Here’s what a good story did for me

By a strange turn of events, I joined a speaking group called Toastmasters. I had zero training and no reputation. I just felt I should give it a try.

I say zero experience but I had spoken in church and at a few weddings, nothing serious.

Here’s the David and Goliath part - nine months after joining Toastmasters, I won the UK and Ireland Public Speaking contest at my very first attempt, eventually placing third in the World Semi-finals in Las Vegas.

Sounds like something out of a movie, right?

I was shocked too, but this was no fluke.

I went on to win the UK College of Public Speaking Championship and then placed first place runner-up in the UK Humorous Speaking Contest finals.

I started getting emails and phone calls; companies would ask me to deliver workshops and people would ask me to coach them in the art of public speaking and help them to tell their stories.

I can’t put it down to experience, and it’s not that I was particularly gifted either.

It was all because of my story.

I placed everything I know about stories in my book 


When you use the principle in this book

You’ll see your audience lean forward with excitement.

You change the atmosphere in a room; looking and seeing peoples' eyes glued on you.

You'll have event planners emailing you, asking you to come back.

You will have a stampede of people at your product table, queuing up to buy your book or coaching program.

You’ll look out at the audience and see them grabbing their pens because you gave them an aha moment.

You will have people hunting you down on social media, telling you that you were the highlight of the event.

You will leave the event with lots of product sales and know that you did a great job.

And so much more…

The Stage Worth Story Pack Includes ........

"KEEP ON WALKING" (Speech breakdown)

Creating a 7 minute master piece Workshop

I’ll take you behind the scenes of my winning speech and you’ll get to see me break down the 7 elements of a stage worthy story.

I literally pull my winning speech apart


Where you’ll learn what it takes to create a speech worth hearing Things like

How to start a speech like a pro

How to connect with any audience

How to be memorable

How to engage every audience

Start your journey to stage worthy stories here !

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