Quiet Your Noisy World

There are so many distractions in life today. This will give you some awesome ways to quiet your heart and mind in order to hear God speaking.

Learn How God Speaks

Prayer becomes exciting when you open your ears to the variety of ways God speaks. You'll learn how to trust what you hear and apply it to your life.

Journaling Made Easy

It's easy to forget what God says and does. Here's an easy method to begin journaling your God-time so you can look back and marvel at all He's done. 

About the author

Darlene Harris

Founder and author of Rooms Filled With Treasures, Darlene challenges you not to settle for a miserable life. Her vulnerable stories of personal loss and restoration will inspire you to let God heal and restore your heart so you can have a life worth loving and a home with rooms filled with rare and beautiful treasures.