What you'll find in this anthology

The Mysterious Soldier - Part I (Full Book)

Forced by destiny, Selunia leaves home to serve as a guard in the dangerous Arid Kingdom, where she will live in secrecy, close to her crush, Prince Soris. But one day, her disguise falls apart...

Kyle's Nightmare (Long Preview)

Simple office worker by day, romantic warrior by night.

Kyle went to work. It should have been a normal day, but an ancient spirit had other things in store for him.

The Promise (Full book)

The Prequel of the Arid Kingdom series, an unpublished piece of work exclusively distributed to fans of the AK books. The prequel tells the uncanny circumstances in which Soris met Selunia in his childhood.

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About the author

Tina Silvens

Author of three books, a stand-alone novel and a series, Tina Silvens is an author dedicated to the fantasy genre. Although she has been writing since school days, her first book was published in 2017. “The Mysterious Soldier – Part I” is the first book in the Arid Kingdom series, a story she kept working on for more than 10 years before finally reaching out into the world of published books.