“Dear momma know that you are amazing, strong and now embodying the essence of your power as you carry or have given birth to your baby”

Hey beautiful one, I see you, I feel you wanting to be free from a prison of anxiety and depression which grips you so tight and brings dark thoughts that steal your joy. You feel unmotivated, down, stuck in rut and so far from yourself that you just can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

You doubt yourself as a mother and wonder whether you are able to meet your babies needs. There are times when your baby cries and when you soothe them it feels like hours before they stop after which you collapse in heap on the floor.

Your energy is so low and the sleep deprivation is driving you to despair, you pray for a minute to yourself to rest your tired body but when you do you find yourself going over your to do list which distracts you from sleeping and so the cycle continues.

You feel guilty for not giving your partner the time and attention you desire and as if you’re neglecting your other children. There is a feeling of struggle and you find yourself worrying about every little thing from whether you put your babies nappy on correctly to if you are eating the right foods that support your milk supply.

Your labour and birth experience was nothing like you thought it would be, you feel like a failure and robbed of the joy you desperately wanted to feel in that moment. It has left a scar so deep that you feel as if you will never recover and yet you’re still giving a smile and putting on a brave face which feels fake.

It’s just that right now you’re placing too much pressure on yourself, having high expectations as to how it’s supposed to look and trying to be everything to everyone.

Giving your time mental energy to things which are not serving your highest good, not quite being able to be fully present, right here, right now.

And that’s OK beautiful, it’s all a part of your journey however now you’re ready to create a new one, one that feels joyful, easy and balanced.

You are screaming on the inside, one minute you’re up and the next your down it’s such a rollercoaster and the days just merge into one. The thought of getting out of bed feels so overwhelming that you turn over and pull the cover over your head.

I get it, I’ve sooo been there thinking “I had NO IDEA that becoming a mom would feel this way. It’s supposed to feel good and as if I can kind of cope. I’ve read all the books and watched all the YouTube videos but none of them told me that it was going to be like THIS”

You know you’re supposed to feel like you’ve got it somewhat together, have a healthy bond with your baby.

You want to feel like yourself again, to feel alive and connected to your body.

To be rid of those feelings of depression and despair and free from the dark obsessive thoughts that send you into a spiral of gloom.

You want to have some kind of closure from the birth trauma you went through, to find some peace and acceptance towards this

To let go of the guilt you feel when you have 5 minutes to yourself and actually integrate self care as part of your day.

You want to feel confident that “you can do this”- because you SO can!

I’ve got you momma!

I’m Sonia Thompson founder and creator of “Magical Mummies”, mom to 4 children with my youngest being born in April 2020. I remember being exactly where you are and going through everything that I have explained above and more.

Over the past 19 years of motherhood I have learned and created a routine and system for myself that sustains my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing while allowing me the time and freedom to be fully present with myself and my children.

I have come through the other side feeling alive, confident in my abilities as a mother, connected to my baby and aligned to who I am more than ever before.

It is my whole hearted intention for you to have the healing, clarity and joy you desire because you SO deserve this and more.

That’s why I have created my programme Magical Mummies 1:1 mentoring, a 6 month journey that takes you from anxious to aligned.

Where I support, love and lead you to amplified healing, self care, routine and connection to your baby and mothering abilities.

You now get to be fully aligned and connected to yourself, feel healing and at peace with the birth trauma and anxiety you experienced.

It’s time for you to embrace and experience the fullest joy within your pregnancy and motherhood journey as this is your birthright.

Creating your own personalised routine and blueprint to establish this whenever you need.

Programme structure:

  • Bi weekly 60 minute 1:1 sessions curated to your individual needs
  • Personalised meditation for your specific needs and desires
  • Distance reiki healing session
  • A personalised routine and blueprint for enhanced physical, mental and emotional wellbeing throughout your pregnancy and motherhood journey
  • 3x mother and baby higher self readings
  • Messenger access to me within office hours
  • Free access to my Magical Mummies mental and emotional wellbeing bundle

It’s time for you to have the pregnancy and new motherhood journey you deserve, for you to feel whole and connected to yourself and to create the most sacred bond and routine with your baby.

I believe in you momma and know that you will accomplish all of this for yourself plus so much more.

Love Sonia xxxxxx