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Guess what I heard? I heard that you want to create copy and content that pops and converts in an overly saturated market! 

You want trigger happy words I’m talking about words that will pull the trigger (not literally LOL) and get your ideal potential buyers to whip out their credit cards! You want them to buy from you NOW not wasting your time or theirs nor thinking twice about it! Or you want them to open up your emails and be excited about hearing from you! You want your potential buyers to engage with you on social media more and sign up for your webinars. You want to convert over 75% of your sales calls with confidence and ease cha-Ching 🤑

In other words you want raving loving fans that will look forward to anything you put out, touch, and take action yes? You want more money than what you’re making right now consistently yes? You want a 6-7 figure business in a year or less yes? You want to learn how to create content and marketing messages that will intertwine you with your soulmate clients or customers yes? You want to communicate with your audience on or offline and sell to them naturally with ease vs discomfort yes? Let me help you fix one of your biggest challenge(s) today!

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We practice or start new habits we’re unaware of because we are human and allowed to make mistakes. However, it’s critical you grab this guide now because, I not only tell you powerful words to say and the words to refrain from I also explain the pros of using magnetic words and the cons of using the words we practice daily in our pitches without noticing. I want you to use words that will turn your potential buyers on and make them say YES!

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About the author

Dezarae BKA Dez

{B.AS-- Business Administration 

Management -- MS, Marketing}

"I'm not the #1 marketing & sales strategist I'm #2 because everyone says they are #1 how cliche right?" A few years ago, I discovered how much impact & influence I have in people's lives & businesses with my marketing, sales, and business savvy skills! I love helping business owners especially, small established business owners grow! I have also, worked with 6 & 7 figure clients and businesses!

. Then one day decided to birth my baby DDavis Marketing Services and still standing literally built my business with nothing, my hands, resources, and amazing clients! I have over 7 years experience ... So, far I have helped business owners who were (or are making) $2,500 or more a month and increase their revenue by double, triple, and beyond or helped transformed their marketing, sales process, and business models as well as services by offering the ultimate client or customer experience to keep clients coming back & referring! I have done and helped clients do but not limited to;

  • Scale their businesses & increase revenue
  • Marketing & Sales training's/education for business owners plus their staff
  • Gain more attraction & visibility on and off-line
  • Marketing & sales consulting
  • Define their niche & become specialists and experts in their industry
  • Target and attract their ideal audience, leads, clients, and prospects with ease & authenticity
  • Stand out amongst their competition no matter the years of experience or rates they charge
  • Attract clients on-line through networking, websites, SEO, Facebook Ads, and more
  • Save time with E-Newsletters, content that converts, automation, sales funnels, landing pages, and webinars
  • Discover their marketing mix also known as the 4 P's of marketing {product/service, place, promotion, and price}
  • Sell, up-sell, promotions, market planning, research, and surveys to gain, maintain, and sustain their clients or customers