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Here is where #WeAllWin

It was such a pleasure speaking with Jamie about my coworking journey. I hope you found value in our conversation. 

I am super passionate about relationships--and in particular, relationship marketing. Jamie mentioned a "sales" video series that I created and this is it! 

This is my gift to you! If you'd like to learn more about email marketing, leveraging ethical relationships for your business and more, feel free to sign up below!

Each day for 30 days you'll receive a 2-minute (or less) video, along with resources and "homework" (but it's the good kind because it helps your business grow!).

I normally charge about $50 for access, but for our Everything Coworking Community, it's totally complimentary! 

See Day 18 below of how to use a simple byline to get more folks onto your email list! Oh, and don't worry, we walk through the EXACT steps to get features and interviews and even write your own content!

Leave your umbrellas at HOME! It's time to level up and Make It Rain Customers!

Here is the full 30-day breakdown!