Stop struggling to find and identify your Art Style

Finding our style seems like one of the hardest things in the world doesn't it? How do we know when we have one? How can we get one? When will I feel like I have one? - the list goes on and on!

I've created the Map Your Style Workbook to address all of this. Let's explore what you have already in front of you and work through exercises  to help you level up your work and your style!

The book is split into two parts, identifying elements to create an Artist statement about where you are right now and ways to grow building on what you have right now.

About Me!

Karen Gaunt

Most days you can find me covered in paint and trying to keep the cat from knocking over my dirty paint water. I'm a full time artist and Mummy and I love nothing more than creating with my young daughter by my side.

I am mostly known for my dramatic victorians and of course my found poems.

When it comes to my artwork if it doesn't have a found poem on it, it didn't happen. If you're going to come create with me be sure to bring along your fluorescent colors and gelli plates too.

The things I am most passionate about in life are encouraging and teaching others to pick up their paint brushes and just get started in their mixed media and Art Journaling adventures. I’ve always loved Art and creating ever since I was a child, it’s my happy place. I just want to each crunchy peanut butter all day and help you create something amazing!