Empowered Motherhood Summit

February 11-15, 2021

Map for a New Motherhood

Join the Motherhood rEvolution!

Mothers are struggling. 

Maternal mortality rates are rising. Black mothers face disproportionate poor outcomes compared to white mothers. Perinatal mood disorders are the most common complication of pregnancy and maternal suicide is a leading cause of death.  Ninety-seven percent of mothers are burnt out and 89% feel unsupported by society.

No one is coming to save us. 

It's up to us to create a new culture for motherhood. A culture that allows us to be imperfect, to include ourselves in our circle of care, to receive support and to hold our dreams with the same love and care that we hold our own children WITHOUT #mommyguilt or #mommyshame.

The truth is that...

"We are not struggling

because we are inadequate. 

We are struggling 

because we are

mothering within

a society that is


misguiding, and


supporting us."

-Beth Barry

If you're feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, depleted or depressed...


Mothers from all walks of life are feeling this way because these are actually symptoms of the awakening into a new kind of motherhood.  

Collectively we can weave together a new vision for sustainable motherhood.  Join us for real, raw, and inspiring stories and valuable insights from mothers around the world who are leading the way into this new maternal archetype, the MotherFly.

"Shame dies when stories are told in safe places."

-Ana Voskamp

Stories in the Mother Tongue.

We are thrilled to have 30 brilliant speakers!  Below are a few...

Founder of Fare of the Free Child podcast, Author, Unschooling Mentor

Akilah S. Richards

Multi-faceted Entrepreneur, Author, Change-maker, Philanthropist, Founder of Nafsa Project School

Layla B. Rachid

Doula, Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Founder of Newborn Mothers Collective

Julia Jones

Womb Steaming Facilitator, Educator, Fem Health Coach, Project Manager 

Chantal Blake

Multi-Award Winning Business Coach for Moms, Author, International Speaker 

Nicola Huelin

Founder of Eclectic Learning Network, Co-founder  Philly Children's Movement, Community Organizer 

Maleka Diggs

Psychotherapist, Development Expert, & Founder of Stop Parenting Alone.

Lina Acosta 

Therapist, Founder of Movements for Change, Speaker, & Radio Personality

Keachia Bowers

Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Journalist, Founder of Mum To Mogel, & B.R.A.I.N. R.E.S.T.

Trina Rea

Women's Health Physical Therapist, founder of Institute for Birth Healing

   Lynn Schulte

Postpartum Bliss coach, best selling author, Womb Whisperer

Maranda Bower

Cultural Organizer, Holistic Healer, Founder of FanmSaj, Inc. , Restorative Justice Facilitator

Ruth Jeannoel

Author, Blogger, Found of Mommy Rebellion

Chase Young

Doula, Fem Health Coach, Reproductive Health Advocate

Nicky Dawkins

Coach & Facilitator, Podcaster, Cofounder of the Institute for Equity Activism

Adria Kitchens

Author, Yoga Nidra Activist, Rest Doula, Playwright

  Karen Brody

Organizational Manager for Vision Guatemala

Rosalia Gonzalez

Certified Doula,  Author, Birth and Mother Photographer

Martha Lerner

Midwife, Executive Directorof Mother Health International, PhD in Women's Health

  Rachel Zaslow

Nurse, Midwife, Author, Pregnancy Mindset Expert 

Ruth Oshikanlu

Midwife, Adoptive Mother, Podcaster

Sara Rosser

This summit was designed with busy mothers in mind.  

Interviews will be available for viewing for 24 hours to watch at your leisure--while cooking dinner or driving around town.  

On February 15th, at 7 pm EST, there will be a live panel discussion with the speakers below to unpack the State of Motherhood survey, discuss the racial disparities in maternal mortality and talk about solutions. 

Journalist, Five-time Author, International speaker, Strategist and Advocate for Maternal & Infant health

  Kimberly Seals Allers

Senior Midwife at Mandel Midwifery, Chair of Community Midwives National Alliance,

Umm Salaamah

Director, Writer, Producer of "Dark Side of the Full Moon", co-founder of  National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health

Maureen Fura

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