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Through this 90 day program, we will figure out what is worth becoming ‘The Best in the world’ at and discover how to take actions to follow through and achieve it.

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What will you get?

In this program, you are going to get so aligned and dialed in to what you are here to do as a human being and you are going to align that with your strengths so that you are in a position to absolutely crush it in your field! The idea society sells us on being a well rounded individual is garbage and doesn’t serve us! We will throw that narrative out the window here and forever! We are going to be exploring you as a human being documenting and examining on paper, figuring out which realm are you going to absolutely ‘own’. If you are a people person, being in a role where you deal with objects or at a desk is not going to serve you or enable you to thrive.

I will be teaching you the ‘think-in-outcomes’ method where you will start dreaming bigger than you ever have and learning how to think and believe your dreams into your reality. When you become fully aligned and fully congruent with who you have always wanted to be, you can start to live an empowered life. 

 By the end of the program and working together you are going to be so aligned and congruent that you are going to blow past all your friends and their level of success and mindset and if they have not arrived already, watch your ideal partner come effortlessly into your life. You won’t be wasting any more time leaking time doing activities that do not serve you.

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Who is Rob?

My mission is to help young people see their true potential, raise them up to believe in themselves, and help them become unstoppable forces in the world. I am a Personal & Business Coach, Leadership Guidance Coordinator, and board member of two organisations.

Changing career in 2013, I went from working a secure job for 15 years which didn’t satisfy an inner desire, to finishing a Hons BSc degree and setting up Life Choice Solutions embarking on this transformational coaching work with clients, I know what it feels like to be less than satisfied by the direction one’s life is going in.

I realised that ‘nobody was coming to save me’ and that if I wanted to achieve personal freedom and happiness, I was going to have to step out of my comfort zone.

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