Action Plan For Marketing Success Coaching Program

90 days that will set you and your business up for success

👉 Have a business idea but don’t know where or how to start?


👉 Feel like you are all alone in your business and have no one to turn to?


👉 Need more clients now to increase your income? 

Having the clarity, guidance, and accountability in a business by yourself can be a challenge - especially if you are just starting and not certain of all the pieces it takes to run a profitable business. If you are tired of going around in circles without results or just need some direction, I've created a step-by-step program for you.

Take Profitable Action until it becomes a Habit!

The Action Plan For Success one-on-one program will deliver 12 weeks of everything you need to know about building a strong business foundation and setting yourself for continuous growth and profit. Whether you’ve been in business for a couple of years or just starting, you’ll benefit from this coaching program.

In 90 days, you’ll feel organized for success, oozing with confidence in your business, and will have an action plan in place to go out there ready to conquer the world!

You'll be able to gain a different perspective, feedback, and suggestions from an expert coach to ease the overwhelm of going solo. Together we will:

✨ Turn your dreams into a plan: identify your values, vision, purpose, and set goals

✨ Define your impact: the what, who, and how of your business

✨ Think like successful leaders: learn the tools to keep a positive mindset and overcome your fears

✨ Bend time to your will: create a schedule and manage your time efficiently

✨ Get to know your fans: identify your ideal client and target market

✨ Hang out with your fans: find out where your customers search for your services/products

✨ Speak like a success: craft your elevator speech 

✨ Craft your show-stopper: create a signature system 

✨ Know your value: package and price your services/products

✨ Get the word out there: create a social media plan 

✨ Take action: implement everything you learn from the program

Be ready to gain clarity, focus, have accountability, and get motivated by a goal-driven business coach whose focus is to help you reach your goals, speak to your market, and increase revenue all while you design a business that supports their lifestyle!

The primary goal of this intense coaching program is to help you focus on the three main business areas of becoming efficient, getting clients, and increasing revenue.

Speaking with Ingrid really helped me get clear on how to break down a large goal into small achievable actions so that I can move forward consistently! She also explained the concept of accountability in a way that excites me instead of making it feel like a chore, and I’m ready to explore that possibility. I now have actions to help me achieve my goals of starting my business. I can't wait to do get started on planning my business focusing on the big picture which Ingrid recommended, and I know will make a difference.

~ Meg Sorensen, Life Coach

What could happen in 90 days if you focused on your business?

When I first started my business, I had many ideas and a to-do list. I’m a DIY type of person and quick at figuring things out. But life got busy, work, graduate school, kids, and unexpected events. Then I realized that it was time for me to create a plan that revolved around my busy lifestyle. 

Three key things that helped me accomplish more:

  1. Setting goals and creating an action plan - what helped me reach my goals was a solid action plan.
  2. Balancing my business with my lifestyle - it’s important to balance my time to be able to take care of the things that matter the most and keep my sanity.
  3. Identifying my ideal client and target market - I made my business profitable by creating a marketing plan that helped me reach my target market.

A balanced life and a business that aligns with your lifestyle will create a path to success and will help you earn the income you deserve. The end results - taking care of what matters the most!

Who am I?

I’m a Business and Marketing Strategist with a background in Business Administration and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. I left corporate America and founded Business Coaching Studio to fulfill my desire of helping others start and run their business so they can build a lifestyle business.

I give back to the community by teaching Business and Spanish courses at my local community college. When I’m not coaching or teaching, I’m on active family duty, enjoying nature through the lens of my camera, and connecting with my inner-self by practicing Yoga.