The Marketing for Introverts podcast

The podcast that explores ways introverts can successfully promote themselves and their businesses without feeling icky, without draining their batteries and without wanting to give up and run away.

If you are an introvert looking for a place to find ideas and support in a noisy business world, you’ve found it! Welcome to Marketing for Introverts.

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Why marketing for introverts?

My name is Jenny Procter and I spent my early career in corporate communications roles, wondering why I didn’t fit. My best ideas came in moments when I had peace and quiet. My most successful business relationships were forged one on one. I had great listening skills and I preferred collecting my thoughts in writing. I’m quiet, a thinker, an observer.

It took until I was into my 40s to give these superpowers a name. I am an introvert. But marketing advice for business owners is designed for extroverts - it's about personal visibility, making an impact, raising your profile.

In running my business I needed to find suitable ways to promote my business. And in this podcast I will discuss the best ways to do this with fellow introverts who share their tips for successful marketing! Join me as we discover how to do Marketing for Introverts.

Your podcast host

Jenny Procter

I’m a marketing professional with over 20 years’ experience. I’ve worked with many organisations, from an NHS trust, housing and local government organisations to architects’ and opticians’ practices. I run marketing agency Bondfield Marketing.