It’s said that it takes about 21 days to form or learn a new habit and here’s what I have to say about it. I can teach you in 7 days new habits that will give you more time freedom, income, and peace of mind. You will have access to work with me for 7-10 days at your pace. Think about this when was the last time you had a vacation? Or when was the last time you were on vacation worrying about the business running and making income because you don’t have effective money-making systems and automation in place?

For anyone to serve you properly you must have the time or make the time to learn and implement so you can earn. Time really is money and if you find yourself saying “I’m busy” “I don’t have time” or can’t get much done going in circles that’s a challenge. And today, not tomorrow if you make the decision to do something about it you will gain time freedom and wealth.

Reasons to Join

✅ You believe you have to work harder not smarter which complicates your life and business.

✅ You are seeing your peers flourish and draw their audience in with content but have no clue how they make time to do it.

✅ You see your peers working from home with ease making a comfortable salary while not sacrificing being a stay at home mom, grandma, and or wife.

✅ You start one thing and on to the next thing especially if that thing didn’t work fast enough.

✅ And every course or freebie you purchase turns into dust because you start but can’t figure out the time to complete it. When you work with a coach or consultant or join a Facebook group you ghost on everybody because of limited time.

✅ You hear many gurus talk about how they built six and seven-figure businesses starting out with a full-time job but don’t understand how.

✅ You feel overwhelmed in your business wearing all the hats being a jack of all trades master at none instead of focusing on your “big girl projects”

✅ You just about do everything manually which means you have to always be present to get something done or to see results.

✅ You don’t know if you’re coming or going it seems as though time is running out. You can’t figure out how you have the same 24 hours as your favorite celebrities and influencers yet haven’t reached your peak.

✅ You get stuck and frustrated when it comes to content planning and scheduling. Ideas just don’t flow naturally you don’t know where to start or end.

✅ You have no idea of what your audience wants to learn from or see when they are exposed to your content.

✅ Whether you are having challenges with online marketing or offline marketing this challenge is for you!

My Story

To make a long story short I was stuck too which is why I can relate. I used to make myself believe that I was busy when in reality I was busy not making enough money and wasting God’s precious time. My ego and pride were getting in the way I knew that I needed help to grow my business but didn’t have the “big marketing budget” or capital to support my vision. At one point outsourcing wasn’t even a thought then one day I realized that a) I do need to delegate and handoff small tasks I couldn’t do and didn’t need to do. B) or in this case learn to put a one woman’s show systems in place where I could still focus on generating leads, servicing my clients and handle day to day operations with a little more ease.

There are only two ways to buy back your time and that’s to delegate or invest in professional development. I actually did both and I’m going to teach you in 7 days how to whip your business into shape and get organized. No, I am not an organizer or systems teaching coach I am an experienced marketing consultant. However, I’ve discovered that people struggle to implement because they don’t have the right mindset, tools, and systems in place which leads to chaos and confusion. The chaos and confusion lead to quitting, over-analyzing, getting stuck, and getting nothing productive done that generates leads and money.

Registration Ends 3/4/2020

Snippet of What You'll Learn ------- Challenge Starts March 5-18 -------{Excluding Weekend} @ 7:30 PM CST

Productivity Hacks

Learn systems and tools that will help you manage your time, yourself, your team if you have one, and more.

Schedule Evaluation Calendar {I find time gaps to help you squeeze in the money-making activities that matter the most}

You will learn what money-making activities to focus on and implement that will not waste your time

Time Management Strategies for a productive day, week, and month

Systems & Leads

Custom Content Calendar

Automation Basics and generating leads

This will include a 30-day content calendar with prompts or topics so you won’t run out of ideas. You’ll know what to post!

Identifying Your Target Audience {a whole course and worksheets on identifying your target audience the right way so you can create copy and content that converts.} I give you direct feedback on your target audience even if you think you know your audience already.

Additional Benefits

Support and a community to ask questions primarily related to this challenge

My favorite Content Scheduling Tools to Use

Part 1 & 2 Hashtag Strategy

Just Added: Learn step by step how one of my clients made back their investment and profit after working with me for 2 hours on a call. I am breaking it all down for you! She literally received 2 payments 4 hours AFTER our call! Impressive right?

About Dez

Dezarae Davis

I'm the owner of DDavis Marketing Services and I'm that girl, that chick, and that marketing pro you want to work with and learn from. 1. I'm passionate I believe in doing what I love. 2. I don't give up on myself and require my clients to have that top-notch we not giving up mentality. 3. I'm a strategist who has helped dozens and dozens of small business owners connect to their audience and make more money in their businesses. 

I offer done for you services to elite clients and 1:1 consulting, group consulting, and digital products to DIY e-learners making money in their businesses who are ready to grow or scale their businesses to six figures in a year. Helping business owners make money excites me and motivates me to keep going and to share my story. I've been in marketing for over 7 years and successfully been off my job for a few years now. because I got tired of working for other companies but not being able to create the freedom I wanted in my life. 

I had decided to use my gifts and talents to create the life I wanted for myself and the future. Now I show others how to create more income using the 7 P's of marketing, targeting the right audience, creating compelling content, clear messages, and targeting the right audience. To learn more specifics of what I do and who I serve visit my website or blog. Follow me on Instagram @ddavismarketing also subscribe to my YouTube channel because I'll be delivering high-quality tips to help you grow your business and increase visibility.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a get rich quick scheme?

Absolutely not. However, you can gain back time in 7-21 days if you take time to learn each lesson the first week then master it. The end. If you learn how to use your time wisely and focus on the right money-making activities you indeed can become financially free.

How long will I have access to this course?

You may have access to this course for a lifetime but not guaranteed if the program course is updated with new material. The minimum access will be one year so it’s recommended that you take notes and implement.

Can I share the intellectual property and content with others I know?

No, you may not this content is only for paid clients and members.

Will this work for my business?

You have to buy to try. If you go into Walmart you can’t try out products and then decide to buy it’s the risk you take. As a business owner, your duty is to take risks you won’t be the first or last. Marketing and growing a business is about trial and error. We do stand behind the quality of our products and services. We welcome respectful feedback and suggestions.

Will I make my money back and profit?

What you make or how your business transforms is contingent upon your efforts. Over 80% of our clients see results or transformation in a few days, weeks, or less than 6 months. Materials you need to learn will be provided it’s up to you to do the work and be consistent.

Will I have access to Dezarae and or the team?

What makes our programs unique is that in most cases support from a real person with experience is tangible. Meaning we know many sell courses or programs and leave their tribe hanging. For DDMS we want you to learn, earn, and implement which means we will offer limited access to help you get through courses and programs. Why buy courses or join programs with no intentions of starting or finishing? No wasting money or time allowed! 😀

How do I know I can trust your brand?

Trust means everything it’s risky to accept “strangers” into a program or course not knowing for sure if they will implement or not. We want satisfied clients willing to do the work. We respect the fact that you work hard for your money and we are not expecting you to trust us but to trust the process and program because it’s been tested and works.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No. Would you give a refund especially for services rendered or for the nature of digital products that your buyers have access to? A lot of hard work goes into our digital products and services. We have never had to give refunds before and that says a lot.

Will this price stay the same and will this program course be available again?

There’s no guarantee that this 7-day challenge will ever be offered again and should it be the investment will be 4X’s plus more because of the value. There’s also no guarantee of custom content or access to a marketing expert so join now.

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