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Inside of Punany Paradise is secrets men don’t want women to know. Women have 7 secretions points for a reason, but most men (and women) don’t know where they are located, nor do they understand the functionality of the. . .

A Must Read

New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison delivers an emotional rollercoaster of a tale of four very different friends chasing after their heart’s desires, no matter the cost . . .

Mary B. Morrison delivers a sizzling, twist-filled tale of four friends, a venomous bet, and high-stakes consequences no one can afford . . .the only way out of the game is to concede or risk everything on a dangerous gamble they’re destined to lose.

SINGLE HUSBANDS  WILL BE THE MOST ANTICIPATED FILM OF 2023! Is there a loophole in wedding vows? Are you sure? Wait until you read and see how these husbands are content living the single life until...

Young ladies, you need to quickly identify boys/men that only want to use you for your body. Understanding the guys that don’t care about you before you’re intimate with them may save you from being disappointed over and over.

Mary Honey B Morrison

Mary HoneyB Morrison, New York Times Bestselling author believes women must manifest their destiny. In her novels, women overcome heart-wrenching challenges. Female empowerment is the primary focus in all of Morrison's works. An unapologetic voice with 30 books in print, Morrison strives to eradicate double standards.

While writing for Kensington Publishing Corporation as Mary B. Morrison and for Grand Central Publishing under her pseudonym, HoneyB, Mary isn't afraid to say what most people merely think. Morrison experienced rape, molestation, and domestic violence at a young age. As a result of these experiences, Mary wants every woman to understand, "Bad things happen to good people but it's not our fault." A public speaker and motivator, Mary encourages women to become their best.

You can take my word for it, but I'd rather let my books do the talking.