Starting 20th October 2020

Virtual Gut Masterclass

Do you want to know more about gut health?

Do you want to improve your gut health?

Join me on online weekly, for the Virtual Gut Masterclass, starting Tuesday 20th October 2020 @ 8pm for 5 x 1 hour weekly masterclasses. We will be recording the masterclass each week, so if you cannot make it you can catch up on the replay when it's convenient for you.

In my Virtual Gut Masterclass you will learn fast, easy & actionable steps that will get you feeling better quickly.

This is an online course for gut health that is designed for you!

Its fun, it’s interactive, it’s informative and it’s engaging. 

It's designed to make the whole confusing world of gut health much clearer and reduce your gut symptoms, it’s also great value.

In this course, you will get all of the answers to all of those burning gut questions you have endlessly googled.

You will learn and discover why you or someone you care about is struggling with symptoms such as bloating, pain, fatigue, headaches, constipation, diarrhoea, or both, depression, anxiety, fatigue, arthritis, itchy ears, constant runny nose, postnasal drip, smelly stools, smelly flatulence, asthma, migraines, insomnia, itchy skin, hives, sleep disturbances, fluid retention and weight control. 

OMG so many symptoms, I know, sometimes it feels like you, or someone you care about has all of the symptoms all of the time.

You will learn which foods to remove from your diet according to your symptoms by using my unique gut symptom scorers.

You will learn some simple and easy food swaps for the foods you may need to remove.

You will learn how you actually developed your gut symptoms; there will be a few #aha moments for you.

You will learn how to stop the bloating, pain, fatigue etc. what I said above... 👆🏻

You will also get access to my eCookbook - worth $25, when you buy the Virtual Gut Masterclass.

I post you out a test to check your zinc levels - worth $10, when you buy the Virtual Gut Masterclass.

You also get a bespoke Bach Flower Remedy formulated for you - worth $25, when you buy the Virtual Gut Masterclass.

Recipes, recipes and more recipes

You'll get access to my ecookbook when you buy this D.I.Y course, which is usually $25

Zinc Taste Test

You'll get a Zinc taste test posted out to you when you join us, which is usually $10

Bach Flower Remedy for you

You'll get a bespoke Bach flower remedy formulated for you and your symptoms worth $25

The Good Gut Girl says...

I see people like you every day in clinic, with all of the symptoms, and all of the questions – with patients, once we have established what is going on in the gut the symptom relief is fast, the bloating does reduce in a few days – other symptoms very soon after.

I have condensed my 12 years of knowledge into this Virtual Gut Masterclass, so that you can understand how your gut works, what causes your symptoms, and how to get fast and long term relief.


  • Downloadable worksheets – so you can refer back to your notes when you have a question instead of trying to find those articles you saved somewhere.
  • Food guides – so you will know which foods to remove and what to replace them with, this is not taking a trip down the health food aisle and plucking gluten-free/dairy and everything else including taste-free foods off the shelf.
  • Gut symptom scorers – so you can work out what is going on in your gut, and your families, and your friends, because you all get these symptoms, don’t you.
  • Treatment plans – so you can work out the next step, and the next, and the next in your gut journey.
  • An eCookbook full of easy, fast and tasty recipes for people like you that are busy, but need nutritious foods for their families.
  • 10% off naturopathic consultations and practitioner only supplements for one year – you could easily cover the cost of this course in this time.
  • A zinc test, yes, we can test your zinc levels – zinc is a hugely important mineral for gut health & immunity.
  • A bespoke Bach flower remedy formulated for you.
  • A month’s free subscription to Naturopathic Yoga which is usually $30 per month, with the option to continue it at $5 per week for as long as you like.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Before buying, check out a few more things you should know below.

All the details

This is an online webinar masterclass - the first session will be on Tuesday 20th October 2020 @ 8pm for 1 hour and then weekly at the same time for 5 weeks. This will be held via Zoom and you will get the details when you buy. The price is $160, BUT if you buy in the early bird window (before 6th Oct) its only $140. 

We will be recording the masterclass, so if you can't make it on a Tuesday night you can catch up with the recording when it suits you.

So, let’s do this! Let's put you first for a change so that you can learn all about the importance of a healthy gut, for you and those you care about. Let’s learn how to get your gut healthy, and best of all, how to stop those pesky, uncomfortable symptoms forever. Oh, and you can stop using Dr Google.

Step 1 - Sign up and pay via the button below

Step 2 - Check your emails in a couple of hours for all the information you need

Step 3 - We will see you on the 20th October at 8pm.

Our refund policy is that you can change your mind and ask for a refund up until a week before the course, once we have started there will be no refunds.