👉 Do you love working in the Food industry but feel like it’s a struggle just to survive right now?

👉 Do you know you need you build your network but hate networking events?!

👉 Are you working super hard but don’t feel like you’re getting the recognition you deserve? Watching other people get promoted and not really knowing why you’re not?

👉Are you juggling all of the plates at once that it feels like it’s going to come crashing down on you? No time for breathing, nevermind networking!

We know how you feel - we have been there…! And we want to share the benefit of our own hindsight, as well as the tools and knowledge over our careers in the Food industry.

We have a unique set of masterclasses to help you:

👉 Get clearer on the direction your career is headed

👉 Build a stronger network and influence better

👉 Feel more in control and less overwhelmed

👉 Look after your wellbeing to create a better balance with work

Imagine feeling:

👉 Like you're getting the recognition you deserve

👉 Confident to speak up in meetings

👉 More influential in your role & making a difference

👉 Like you're having an impact at work and people are listening to what you have to say

Lucy is a multi-disciplined product developer with 17 years food industry experience. Having worked across manufacturing and retail for large industry leaders including Bakkavor and Marks & Spencer. Also with branded start up experience launching a first to market chilled, plant based dessert business, Pudology, in 2012. Specialising now on helping NPD teams & businesses across the industry with product launches, food safety, science-led first to market innovations and all concept to launch practices.

Amy is a coach supporting women and teams in the Food & Grocery Industry to speak up, influence better and get the recognition they deserve in their careers. Her career in large corporate Food Manufacturers spans over 22 years and across multiple functions with a particular focus in New Product Development, Commercial and Marketing. Amy brings her own personal experience of resilience, having suffered burnout in a senior management role and then recovering to rebuild a successful career in Food with new found boundaries and a much stronger voice.

Both Amy and Lucy are mums to young children, so know first hand what the juggle is like for many working parents in the Food industry.

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