One-on-One Sessions for the active creatives determined to share their voice by giving life to their projects, 
and tired of doing it alone.

How many times has an idea visited you but you never found the time to give it life?

How many times have you left a project dying because it was not moving fast enough and you lost faith in yourself?

How many times, in the midst of creating a film, a music album, a book, a graphic novel, a podcast have you found yourself alone, crippled by doubts, and wishing you had someone to talk to and brainstorm with? 


Enter Mastermind, an online, live, one-on-one program tailored to support you through your unique creative path. 


Working on passion projects sounds amazing but reality can be tough.

Whether you want to write a book, direct a film, launch a podcast, create a collection, or a graphic novel,  it often feels overwhelming to make all the calls all the time alone.

Making time to work on your project, knowing what step to prioritize, when to tweak an idea, how to think outside of the box, how to stay focused and motivated are some of the many challenges creatives face for each project they want to launch regardless of their scale or budget.

Giving life to ideas when you're your own boss can feel lonely. And when too many ideas pile up on your to-do list while you get little to nothing done, being creative feels more like a curse than a blessing.

We've been told that being creative is a solitary activity. I'm here to tell you that this couldn't be further from the truth and that there is a way to create that can feel supported and exciting.



If you've found yourself stuck at any point in a project, or unable to either start or complete an idea, I am going to give you the solution to your problem right here and now: 

Find one person who will care about your growth, will accompany you on your creative journey, and will keep you accountable.

Whether for one project or for your career.

In other words, the solution to your trouble is to put in place a support system for your creativity.

You need someone to listen to you, to challenge "the stories" you've locked yourself into, who will ask you to deliver and will always show up to support your growth.

We are all familiar with the cliché that creatives are often depressed procrastinators.

While I don't believe this to be true, I know from experience that creating is a lonely journey that can be brutal on the soul. 

That's why building a team of allies is a vital step toward achieving your goals.


Finding trusted allies is much harder than anyone would like to concede and in the creative field, it is very much taboo to admit that we need a hand for a portion of our journey. We are supposed to do it alone because creativity is fun and if we're "talented" we should know what we're doing, right? 


Athletes have coaches, doctors, and trainers, to help them reach their full potential even though they're naturally good at doing sports.

Entrepreneurs have access to mentors, coaches, and incubators to support their journey even though they naturally have a thing for business.

But somehow, Creatives are expected to do it alone.

Creatives need and deserve to have a support system to ensure their ideas can bloom and they can grow in a nurturing environment, no matter the outcome of the project.

The pursue of giving life to an idea that matters to you should not be destroyed by loneliness and self-doubt.


A Mastermind is a safe space where you can talk, unload, share, and brainstorm to get unstuck, assess where you are at, and strategize how to get where you want to go.

A Mastermind is a moment in time just for you to support your creative journey.

Joining a Mastermind is a commitment to playing the long-game. Being creative is not a temporary job: it's a lifestyle, it's a mindset and it's a superpower. It has nothing to do with you making a living out of your creativity or not. It's all about you feeling self-expressed, accomplished, and aligned with what you can offer to the world.

Expressing your creativity will give depths and aliveness to your life. It is vital to cultivate your uniqueness and bring forth your gift to the world. The world needs different stories and new ideas to get out of the mess we're currently in and for that, we all need to work on sharing our creativity.

The Mastermind Program is a high-end tool in the creative toolkit to lead a fully expressed and healthy creative life. 


Mastermind are composed of 3 coaching sessions of 60 minutes online. 

During our first call, 

- we assess where you're coming from and where you're at 

- we clarify which project you want to pursue 

- we define the next practical steps to complete to reach your destination 

By the end of the session, we decide when we will talk again. This might be a week later or a month later, it all depends on your particular situation and the project you're working on.

In the following sessions, we keep on assessing what has been completed, what worked, what didn't work, what to do next.

Whenever appropriate, I will give you creatives exercises and resources to support your journey and push your creative thinking. 

By the end of the three sessions, you can decide to book solo sessions scheduled at your convenience to continue your creative journey together.

A Mastermind Session is a call to action. 

It's your opportunity to act upon your ideas, to learn from doing so, and to grow personally and professionally.

A creative journey will rarely take you where you thought you were heading, but it will always take you where you needed to go.



The Mastermind Program includes 3 live online sessions of 60 minutes scheduled anytime within 4 months.

Each session is followed with an email recap containing the goals, steps, and strategy we've talked about and exercises and resources whenever necessary.

Each following session is scheduled based on your need, progress, and creative journey. 


To join a Mastermind Session you need:

- access to a good Internet connection

- a webcam

- earplugs

Make sure you can have access to those three elements before booking a session otherwise you won't be able to fully benefit from the session.


Mastermind Sessions can be conducted in either English or French.



The Mastermind Cycle is comprised of three live one-on-one online sessions of
60 minutes within four months. 

Price: 500€

Payments in two installments are possible, email me



One-off sessions are for creatives who have already completed the Opening Cycle at least one time and want to book a single session.

Price : 180€


Upon booking your Mastermind make sure you add the email address at which it's best to contact you as you will receive an email confirmation from me within 24 hours alongside a link to fill up a preliminary questionnaire.


Do you offer a payment option? Yes, I do. I offer a two times payment installment. Email me for details on how to proceed.

Can I get reimbursed? If after our first session you're not satisfied, you will get reimbursed minus a 180€ for the first session.

I can't afford to pay in euros for my currency. Is there another way? If you live in a country with a weak currency or have hit hardship during COVID, email me telling me your story and your means and I will do my best to find a way. My hope is to help out as much as I can, but keep in mind I am just one person with 24h per day.

I don't even know if my idea will bring me any money in the end, does it make sense to spend money on a Mastermind program? The Mastermind Program is not about making money, it's about getting you to be fully expressed by completing creative projects you've been carrying within all along. It's about expressing your unique voice. Are you worth investing on? That's a question only you an answer. 


Have a question about the program? Email me at


My name is Nathalie Sejean. I am an Audio & Visual Storyteller, which means I use my creativity and make stories every day. In the last few years, I've written screenplays,  directed films, launched three podcasts, and created two graphic novels.

When I don't create, I empower people to act upon their creative projects.

I do it because I believe the world will be a better place when each one of us will be connected to their unique creative voice and able to share it back with the world. 

I've done a TED Talk on How to Become a Good Story, and since 2016 I've run multiple programs to help people have a satisfying relationship with their creativity. 

I've been running Masterminds with filmmakers, writers, musicians, stage directors, and graphic designers supporting their creative journeys.  

I can help you feel alive expressing who you are now through your creativity. That makes for a rich life and that, to me is, all that matters. If it matters to you too, then it would be an honor to be your Mastermind Partner.