Help YOUR CHILD learn the times tables facts quickly with the tricks they don't teach at school!

Imagine seeing this in your child...

* recalling the times tables facts with ease

* maths homework no longer being a chore

* confident in applying knowledge to problem-solving

* working at speed through multiplication questions

* no more worries over the weekly times tables tests

This CAN be a reality! 

The 'Master Your Multiplication Tables' course helps your child to learn easy ways to recall those trickier facts, recognise number patterns and feel more confident in using times tables.

What's included in the course?

Week 1:

* the tricks of the times tables square - you know more than you think!

* learn the patterns, tricks and tips of the x1, x2, x5 and x10 tables

Week 2:

* a quick recap

* learn the patterns, tricks and tips of the x3 tables (and a little bit of the x6 facts)

Week 3:

* a quick recap

* learn the patterns, tricks and tips of the x4 tables (and a little bit of the x8 facts)

Week 4:

* a recap on everything covered - you've learned a lot more than you realise!

* learn the patterns, tricks and tips of the x9 tables

* 'The Tricky Triangle' - the most difficult facts to learn and the tricks to help

In addition to lifetime access to the course, each week there is access to downloads and links to help your child in between sessions. There are also weekly Zoom calls children can join to go over what they've learned, to play games and take part in quizzes.

For parents, there is a special private Facebook group to offer advice and extra resources to really help your child get ahead with times tables.

Talk to you soon,