The reason you are seeing this page is because you indicated interest in supporting my research study at the University of Pretoria. Approximately I have spent more than R70,000 as a student. In this time I have written articles to educate and inspire young people all over Nigeria and Africa. My stories about my journey daily reaches more than a 100 people. I run a nonprofit literary site that promotes young writers and helps them discover their skills. I trained more than 50 writers in 2017 alone and wrote "Discover Storytelling" as a tool to help start up brands and writers. Your contributions are appreciated.

In 2019, I will be commencing my Doctorate Degree and this would give me more time to train and mentor young Nigerians who are within my network. I would also be giving them as much support as I can for free. This is why I need your contribution. 

Discover Stories is worth 5,000 naira. You can help me give this to as many people as possible. It teaches the much needed skills of storytelling, research, attracting support for your brand and how to secure opportunities for business or personal goals.

Here are my account details:

Nigeria - Oladeji Jonathan D. 0118328257 GTB

South Africa - J.D. Oladeji 4092540082

Paypal - 

You don't have to contribute anything to get copies of my book. All I ask is that you share this with those who might need it. 

What people are saying about this writer

Ijeoma TDaniels

Author and Business Woman

He curated contents from my social media pages and used them to boost information about me on the website. 

I definitely recommend him for top-notch services.

Ifeanyi Kalu

Doctorate Research Fellow

Damilola is a creative and prolific writer. He did an excellent job in designing a state of the art personal website for me within few days.

Dara Falade

Executive Communication Expert

Attending the Write Heart class taught me one thing; there's no short cut to excellent writing, you have to take the long rigorous path of practice. Thank you very much Damilola, you are a generous and secured teacher.

About the Writer

Oladeji Jonathan

Jonathan is the author of Grey Wine, Zarfi, Bloody Ideologies, Write Heart and he has many other writings unpublished. He is a Masters student at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He is studying Real Estate and is seeking opportunities to facilitate training and research in capacity development programs and housing.