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Revealed: How Emma Burdett, Founder of WILD - Women in leadership Deliver is helping 1000’s of Women to Break Through their Limiting Stories and fears holding them back from stepping into their confidence!

FREE Training - Get Ready to learn How to Build and Master CONFIDENCE and Turn your FEAR into FUEL - in this FREE Masterclass!

Join me and like-minded Women from the WILD community:

THURSDAY 10th June @1pm Dubai Time/ @10am UK Time


  • I reveal the #1 proven characteristic that all WILDY successful Women use to master confidence to stay at the top!
  • I will take you through the EXACT formula to master confidence which you can call on anytime to push past fears and become a world class leader (Plus live case studies)
  • The Rapid Confidence Technique will give you the confidence to negotiate a promotion or pay rise AND make more money
  • I will be offering an exciting opportunity to join the WILD Woman Transformational coaching programme for committed Women who are ready to action and activate another level of potential

"Emma is a passionate advocate for women’s leadership and networking. With the establishment of WILD, Emma has filled a void and created the perfect platform for women to come together. As a CEO leader, I’m all about the desire to give back and help inspire other women for greater personal and professional success. Emma and WILD are doing exactly that!"

Debbie Kristiansen (CEO Novo Cinemas)

"It’s difficult to find the right words to portray just how phenomenal Emma is. Her unique spirit and energy she brings to every one of her projects is inspiring. Emma is relentlessly dedicated to helping women succeed in an authentic and effective way. I am therefore very proud to know her and I have full confidence that anyone considering working with her will never look back!"

Selini Bishop (Bishop Design)

"A succulent Wild Woman is one of any age who feels free to fully express herself in every dimension of her life”. What a great and appropriate quote! As women we possess so much power to inspire and influence; WILD is a great platform to do just that. Its amazing to see Women owning their creative power and I love the way WILD embraces and supports this. WILD is a perfect example of women coming together to show solidarity."

Diane Thorsen (Design Director-Gensler)

"Emma has gone from strength to strength keeping WILD at the forefront. She is committed to growing the awareness of leadership and equality in the workplace and the industry at large. The future is bright and I’m excited to see Emma take WILD to the next level in the months and years to come."

Siddarth Peters (Love That Design)

"Emma is an inspiring and motivating leader at the forefront of diversity. She believes passionately in encouraging Women to step up and believe in themselves. Emma is a trailblazer and role model for the community. I cant wait to see how WILD grows over the next few years. Truly inspiring!"

Mehmet Aktash (Bishop Design)

"I was part of the first smaller women’s group Emma ran a few years ago and wow what a journey! I have watched her dedicate so much passion, relentless hard work and energy to grow WILD from nothing into the amazing community it is today. Emma is deeply committed to change for Women and gender balance. She is trail blazing the way, leading by example and is fierce in her pursuit. I admire what she has created and what WILD represents."

Yulliana Porter (Head of Workplace & Design-JLL)

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