Take baby steps to making time for yourself (without feeling guilty)


  • Prioritize yourself so you can find balance amidst an unsettling worldly situation 
  • Be consistent with your healthy habits and be held accountable by a community of like-soul women (and Claudia-Sam)
  • Relax in an instant and stop running after "time" so you can finally care for yourself without feeling guilty 
  • Know your body better so you can feel good and be able to eliminate pain regularly
  • Let go from anything that holds you back so you can feel free and have healthy relationships (instead of exploding emotionally)
  • Be solutions-oriented and move forward with how you want to show up in the new era (instead of dwelling on the past)

This Master Your Self-Care II in Times of Uncertainty program is for you. Click the button below to join now!

"Even if you feel like you're losing control of your life while  adapting to what's being thrown at you... you CAN control your body, mind and emotions... and I can show you how to do that in simple ways. I'm here with you." Claudia-Sam

"I believe now is a time in history when we can prioritize our wellbeing and decide how we wish to show up in the world. "

Whether you are mostly staying home or going out every day, I will help nurture a safe and supportive community environment for you.

Whether you are working from home, back in the workplace, or still not sure what's going to happen next, I will help you move your body and be able to relax so you can remain healthy (and sane).

Whether you are new to yoga, meditation and coaching or you read books and blogs to help yourself, I will support you in releasing anxiety and having a safe space to feel emotions (without judgment).


  • 7-week small group coaching program
  • 1 x 30-mins LIVE full-moon meditation & goal-setting kick-off call 
  • 2 x 75-mins group coaching calls with Claudia-Sam
  • 6 lessons including videos, workbooks and audio downloads around balancing body, mind, emotions + knowing yourself better
  • Small, safe and supportive private Facebook group community with personalized coaching by Claudia-Sam (so you don't go at it alone and stopp after 5 days for lack of motivation)
  • 1 x 20-mins one-one-one Goal Reset call with Claudia-Sam
  • Regular bonuses like angel card readings, personalized video coaching replies to group questions, yoga and coaching videos, personalized affirmations and weekly LIVE check-ins in group


The program is offered at up to 50% OFF for a limited and circumstantial time !! 

It is just $299!!!

This program is regularly $597 but Claudia-Sam wishes to offer support for a community of driven women who are ready to use today's uncertainty as an opportunity to rise above pessimism and flow into being masters of their own self-care (even with a family at home).



  • The pandemic offers a new vision of 'how to use time' and can allow you to appreciate life’s simple pleasures instead of focusing on what doesn’t work in your life or ignoring your true needs;

    • If you don't UP your vibration as cities are de-confining, you might just believe the misconception that “we’re going to get it anyway“ (which lowers your vibration and self-healing and immune boosting capabilities);

    • If you we don't rise together as like-soul women to feel empowered from within ourselves... we let the crushing negative energy and fear empower us instead.

    • Energetically, it's a perfect time to reset the "there's never enough time" old belief so that you can see YOU-time with refreshed eyes as the program happens during Mercury Retrograde.

    • It's a structured opportunity for you to feel like "I've got this" and learn self-care non-negotiable tools you'll be able to use forever to up-level your wellbeing on your own

    • Get personalized accountability from Claudia-Sam instead of going at it alone and stopping after 5 days for lack of motivation 

    Your Coach

    Meet Claudia-Sam

    Claudia-Sam supports driven women who feel unfulfilled, have lost their sense of purpose after a burn-out or big-life change and feel stuck with where they are at in life to confidently trust themselves and take the leap fearlessly towards saying yes more without guilt, while creating a fulfilling life filled with joy, using her Tune-In Method. She also has 500+ hrs of yoga teacher trainings from all over the world.

    Even if you think you don't have the time or money for self-care, this opportunity for growth is exactly what you need if:

    • You’ve always been super busy with work and caring for others that you’ve never really stopped and cared for yourself;
    • You know you’ve been needing to rest for while because your body is tense, your mind is running like a hamster, but you don’t know how to go about stopping;
    • You don’t want to engage in the global panic, but you find it challenging to keep your energy and motivation levels high because you feel like you’re going at it alone;
    • You feel anxious and find it hard to stop imagining the worst-case scenarios;
    • You feel tired of it all, and just want it to be over soon.

    At the end of our time together, you will feel:

    • Physically good and much lighter
    • Mentally peaceful and stress-free
    • Emotionally supported and positive
    • Hopeful and healthy from within yourself

    This opportunity for growth is not for you if:

    • You're not ready to prioritize you;
    • You feel balanced, relaxed and have a direction with what to do and how to do it for your wellbeing;
    • You are living on a faraway planet where the uncertainty of our current times hasn’t affected you (yet) and you think you can handle it on your own.