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What happens in a

Matrix Unplugging Session?

We meet on a zoom video call to complete a self assessment within pure gold light energy, allowing you to tune in to your truth.

The zoom call ends, and the healing session begins. For this you will lie down in a comfortable place to receive the imbuement. 

I will record the imbuement for you to keep and replay as desired. 

The imbuement lasts 1 hour but allow another hour for integration. You may well fall asleep. 

I will follow up the session via email. 

You will receive:

J-Seals Removal

Unnatural Implants Removal

Fear Thought Forms Removal

15D Auric Clearing

Shadow Self Release

15D Karmic Clearing

And so much more!!

Don't think you have these?

Think again...

They have been instilled in the earths grid therefore, because we are connected to the earths grid, everyone is born with these unnatural seals and implants. 

So, unless you have removed them, you still have them, and no matter what your level of psychic/healing abilities, you are not reaching your full potential. 

Don't let them hold you back any longer. You are meant to live a limitless life. 

Matrix Psychic Reading



An energetic scan to check for unnatural seals, implants and interferences.

If you are a woman on a mission to achieve full spiritual alignment without limits, to go from frustrating blocks to sovereignty with increased psychic abilities and freedom, to never doubt or limit yourself again, you need a Matrix Unplugging Session!

By removing all of the energetic distortions, seals, implants and various other energetic devices you will be able to access more of your higher self which will allow you to hold these frequencies here in the physical. The removal of these distortions releases the cap on your potential. 

You will begin to feel old patterns, negative addictions, thought processes and drama dissolving from your life as a result. You will receive a dramatic increase in clarity, awareness, psychic abilities due to the various seals and implants being removed from your bodies and auric fields and increased states of consciousness and much more.

To fully unplug yourself from the matrix means that you are no longer being interfered with on an energetic level through mind, body or spirit.

Access pure source consciousness, be sovereign and free!

Matrix Unplugging


Once your session is paid for you will receive an email with my availability. 

I look forward to connecting with you.


Matrix Unplugging Session 

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