Mavericks are the invisible souls of an organization.
They find ways to bring forth unique ideas forward inside mammoth entities. They apply systems thinking processes, innovation methodologies and have good conversation management skills. They get people unstuck to help them recreate processes and systems that allow projects to run effectively.

As a maverick, you know what it means to rally the troops in order to get your vision in motion. You feel loyal to your work and your projects and care only for having a big impact on the people you wish to serve. You have a noble calling. Being a maverick facilitator takes this level up a notch to the workplace environment.

mmmmm.. your maverick is showing

Own your awesomeness.


Learn more about yourself as well as other mavericks who are getting their hands dirty (dirtier) in facilitating growth sessions at work. Solve problems, realize opportunities or simply bring more people together. This is the future of high impact projects that solve problems for people.


You go into the program hungry for self realization and learning how to influence teams into following a process of innovation to better the organization's culture you are in.

You get out of the program with a new sense of identity of your own thinking preferences, connections with like-minded mavericks from around the world, and a strong skill set of creative tools and methods that you can apply to your job instantly.


Four days of facilitation upgrade sandwiching time to practice applying these tools in your job.

We work from where you are and take you to the next level of master facilitation techniques. With advanced tools, new experiences to plan for and a chance to connect with like-minded mavericks from around the world, you will be ready for onsite and online sessions for your work-related problems. 

CAD$5959 | USD $4480 | AED 16,390

The value of leveling up

The Mavericks Facilitation Forum is a life-long learning opportunity. Once you're in, you cannot get out, unless you ask for it. 

You start with a small group of fellow intra-preneurs and mavericks working in different industries and level up your facilitation skills. Other benefits: 

- Life-long access to the mavericks group with all additional updates of resources (creativity tools, mastermind calls and other community engagement activities). 

- A customized debrief of your thinking preference results (FourSight Assessment). 

- 2 weekends (Saturday and Sunday) of fully immersive experience with other facilitators and group coaches. 

- A group coaching meetup to assess the facilitation session you conducted at work. 

- An individualized coaching session to help you see the missing links

 - A signed certificate from global partners.

- The forum is conducted fully online in synchronous and Asynchronous  

- Three IMAGINESS bundles to help you facilitate. Sent 3 times a year (see www.sajory.com/imaginess for more info. 

- A small class to ensure everyone gets direct attention to support their progress. 
- Did we mention this price is for the pilot group only? Be the first to grab a seat. You'll stay with us indefinitely :) 

We can't wait to see you on the other side.  


A week before


Getting settled on the platform. Meeting fellow mavericks. Completing FourSight assessment, Receiving IMAGINESS bundle and scheduling your facilitation at work. 

Saturday 10 Oct. 2020

First session

Dubai time (GMT +4)   ...   ...   4:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Washington DC (PST)  ...   ...   9:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Individual assessment debrief, innovation methodologies, divergent (idea generation) tools.

Sunday 11 Oct. 2020

Second session

Dubai time (GMT +4) ... ... 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Washington DC (PST) ... ... 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Group debrief, innovation methodologies, convergent (decision making) tools

Monday to Friday

Sandwiched week

A chance to complete your facilitation session at work, practice the tools you learned, and further connect with mavericks worldwide. 

1 on 1 sessions with coaches will be scheduled during the week at mutually convenient time. 

Saturday 17 Oct. 2020

Third session

Dubai time (GMT +4) ... ... 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Washington DC (PST) ... ... 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Group coaching sessions, what worked, what didn't, where to go from here. Further facilitation skills for online workshops. 

Sunday 18 Oct. 2020

Fourth session

Dubai time (GMT +4) ... ... 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Washington DC (PST) ... ... 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Master facilitation techniques, innovation methods in perspective, how we pulled this together, scheduling masterminds, graduation. 

To be continued...

Following weeks

Invitation to continue to practice tools and props from the IMAGINESS bundle. Bring back questions and ask for support on the platform.  Stay engaged as much as you'd like. 


Two master facilitators who've been nurturing the growth spurts of other facilitators and intrapreneurs for the longest time, both on-site as well as online.

The Forum will also be supported by a number of world-class conversation-hosts and facilitators who will coach each group in their facilitation experiments.

RANDAH TAHER helps organizations get their innovation strategy & programs in place. She facilitates different innovation methodologies, from The Creative Problem Solving process, to BioMimic analogies, to Service & Design Thinking systems, to Edu-tainment games and creativity tools.

MOHAMED ALI is a service designer and facilitator who combines leadership development and design thinking methods to facilitate for a more human-centered approach to designing emotionally intelligent and inclusive organizations.

Refunds & Guarantees

We have a 4:1 maverick / facilitator ratio. 

1- We guarantee to have a class of 12 and a maximum of 15 with approximately 4 facilitators. If the class doesn't reach the 12 minimum, we will cancel the event and you will be refunded in full, if you don't wish to wait for the next session in January / February 2021.

2- All mavericks must attend the 4 days of facilitation practice as indicated in the agenda. If you discover that you will miss any of the days please inform us and we will happily refund you in full if the forum did not yet start.

3- If you cancelled after the cohort closes and before preparations starts (no boxes shipped and no assessment was purchased), then 90% of the full fee will be refunded), regardless of discount given at the time of purchase.

4- If you cancelled after the cohort closes and after preparations starts (includes shipping the IMAGINESS box and sending out the FourSight assessment), then 50% of the full fee will be refunded), regardless of discount given at the time of purchase.



Be part of our pilot cohort. 

Space is limited.