Here’s what a Compass can do for you

  • Help you make confident decisions on where to spend your most precious resources (time and energy).
  • Get crystal clear on what you need in 4 key areas of your life to feel fulfilled, successful, purposeful, and happy
  • Ease the guilt of what you choose NOT to spend time on anymore.
  • Help you to regain your life through incremental course correction.

How the heck do I know?

I've been through it.  And I had to get help along the way, and now am committed to helping other moms.

I'm Tara Moler, certified life coach helping working moms create space in their life to have it all: career fulfillment, feel like a great mom & wife, time for themselves...all while ditching the guilt.

Let's set the new norm for the next generation of our daughters!

Working Moms: Ready to make your life easier?