Finding The Best Meditation For You: A Quiz

Get out a sheet of paper and answer the following questions to find out the best type of meditation for you to try out this week! Choose only one response for each question.

1. The thing I’m most hoping to get out of my meditation practice is:

  • A: More focus and awareness about my thoughts and feelings
  • B: More connectedness to others and myself
  • C: Deep relaxation and feeling connected to the Universe/my higher self
  • D: Clarity about my purpose and ability to manifest my dreams

2. When I meditate, I most want to feel:

  • A: Present
  • B: Loving
  • C: Blissful
  • D: Creative

3. The primary goal of meditation for me is to become

  • A: Less judgmental
  • B: Kinder
  • C: More relaxed
  • D: More intuitive

4. Imagine you just finished a meditation retreat. You describe the experience as:

  • A: Challenging at first but also deeply rewarding
  • B: Emotional at times and opened my heart
  • C: Out of this world, mind blowing
  • D: Clarifying, helped me feel more confident

5. Imagine your meditation teacher. They are most likely to be wearing:

  • A: Brown monastic robes
  • B: Flowy white pants and a simple necklace
  • C: Mala beads and a colorful scarf
  • D: A plain but professional shirt/blouse

6. Choose the mantra you feel most drawn to:

  • A: Breathe in peace, breathe out awareness
  • B: May all beings experience peace and wellbeing
  • C: I am aligned with the energy of the Universe
  • D: I am able to manifest my own reality

7. Someone you are close to notices something is different about you. What do they say?

  • A: I notice that you are less stressed and irritable when things go wrong
  • B: I notice you are more generous and kind to others lately
  • C: I notice that you engage in more meaningful conversations these days
  • D: I notice that you are more confident and optimistic

8. In my ideal meditation:

  • A: I learn to feel my emotions without reacting and learn about myself
  • B: I learn to love myself fully and feel closer to others in the process
  • C: I learn to truly let go, finding balance by entering deep states of consciousness
  • D: I actively engage with my mind and use my imagination and creativity

Tally Up Your Results!

To score your quiz, add up the number of A, B, C, and D responses to the questions above. Which letter did you have the most of? Take note of that on your sheet of paper before you continue (If it's a tie, write down both letters).