7 Days of Mindfulness with Marcus Aurelius

We seek mindful retreats away from home: houses in the country, seaside resorts, mountain villas. But it is within our power to retreat wherever we are. We can retreat into our own selves. 

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations. 

It's Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK (May 9-15) and I thought I'd call on the gentle Stoic philosopher (and Roman Emperor) Marcus Aurelius to lead us through seven days of mindful retreat. 

If you find it hard to create a space for quiet and presence, Marcus Aurelius is for you. His Meditations are brief notes written to encourage himself to focus, to pay attention, to be mindful. 

I'll send you one email every morning (UK time) with a prompt from Marcus Aurelius's Meditations and an invitation to spend some time journaling. 

I call this Meditations on 'Meditations.' 

You can spend 5 minutes or 50 minutes day. You can do it alone or you can join The Stoic Salon and share with others in community. 

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