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Monday meditation sessions

Meditating is beneficial to your physical and mental health. It can provide a sense of balance and strength and it's one of the ways in which you can connect to your inner wisdom. 

As highly sensitive people, we spend a lot of time thinking, ruminating or worrying. We're more likely to be overwhelmed, especially when we try to fit in or make sense of everything we feel. Meditation is a wonderful way to experience peace, trust, confidence. 

It can be challenging to meditate on your own, to stick to a regular practice. There's so many things that need our attention and it's so easy to skip your meditation. That's why Your Inner Wisdom offers a weekly meditation hour, for free. 

You are very welcome to join us!

Looking forward to meet you soon,
Your Inner Wisdom

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Every Monday, 9pm-10pm CET
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We'll meet in Zoom.

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Time schedule
The meditation is about 30-40 minutes. After that, there is about 20-30 minutes left to share how you feel or what you've experienced, if you wish.