At SPIN Ideas, we believe in collaborations! We believe in connecting the right person with the right project!

This is why we created Meet the Spinners Network, a hub of skilled professionals and experts in their field who are here to help when you get stuck. SPIN Ideas' founder, Veronica Guguian, personally knows each and every one of them and the work they do. All of our expert Spinners stand for curiosity, connection and openness, and they all went through a rigorous selection process; this is why we feel comfortable recommending them to you.

Let's meet the Spinners!

Why you should work with a SPINNER

We all need a little help with our business every now and then, and finding the right person for that specific job can be sometimes difficult. That is why Meet the Spinners is here for: to help you connect with the experts you can rely on! 

As we mentioned before, each of our Spinners was personally selected by our founder Veronica Guguian. We personally know each of them, either because we have worked with them in different capacities or because we are active in the same business environments. 

All of our expert Spinners share our core values, and they all went through a rigorous selection process; we can vouch for their work and feel comfortable recommending them to you.

Not sure how to choose the right Spinner for your project?

If you are not sure which Spinner's skills are best suited to meet your needs, you can reach out to us or have a call with Veronica to find out who might be a good match.  We'll even go the extra mile and arrange a personal introduction!

And no, it will not cost you anything; it is FREE! Just click on the button below and let our business-matching magic begin.

Want to become a Spinner?

Do you stand for curiosity, connection and openness in business? Let us help you gain visibility and the right recommendations to attest you are a serious and trustworthy company; join our Spinners network

Have a look at the Become a Spinner page, and get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities; we are happy to welcome you!