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Mentors are crucial to the development and sustainability of our industry and have an incredibly important job of bringing up and growing new and current instructors.

Although mentoring can be a very fun and rewarding experience it also comes with a lot of responsibility, the potential for stress and frustration, and often feels like recipe for success is hard to find.

That's where this course comes into play:

This course equips and empowers fellow instructors with the tools and techniques they need to mentor with less stress and more success.

This course has been custom designed to provide mentors (those training new or established instructors) with the tools, techniques, and confidence they need to set not only their mentees but also themselves up for a positive and rewarding learning and development experience.

  • WHO Should Attend?: Instructor mentors. 
    • This course is suitable for both new and experienced mentors who are looking to learn how to grow, refine, and streamline their training process of other instructors. Whether you are looking to train an instructor to be a capable member of your team or complete a certification, this course is for you!
  • WHEN is this Course: June 14-20, 2020 or July 12-18, 2020 (the same information will be taught each time)
    • Groups will fill on a first come first serve basis. 
  • WHERE Will the Course Happen: Zoom and Facebook
    • Facebook- Each boot camp group will have their own private Facebook group page where you can network with fellow instructors. Don't have a Facebook account? Don't worry! Emails with the workbooks, templates, and links to the video rooms will be sent out to attendees.
    • Zoom- The boot camp lessons will be taught LIVE through Zoom. Q & A time will be available for those attending during the live time. Not able to make a live time? No worries! The lessons will be recorded for you to watch at a later time that works for you.
  • COST of this Course: $38/person ($28 for current member of the Intuitive Instructor Club)
    • This course is valued at over $250 but I am offering it at a discounted rate due to the impact COVID-19 has had on our industry.

Group #1 FILLED

Runs June 14-20, 2020

Register for the June group using the form below. Once you fill out the registration form, you will be sent an invoice and a welcome email with instructions.

Limited space in group #2!

Runs July 12-18, 2020

Register for the June group using the form below. Once you fill out the registration form, you will be sent an invoice and a welcome email with instructions.

What is Included:

Private Boot Camp Group

You will have access to the private Zoom meetings and Facebook group that are only for Boot Camp participants. 

LIVE Instructional Videos

The components of this Boot Camp will be taught through live videos in the private zoom meeting room. Videos will be recorded so you can watch them at a later date if you are unable to attend


Customized workbooks that can be printed out or downloaded and saved digitally. These have activities that enhance the live instructional videos and help you work through each component of this course.

Templates & Sample Documents

Gain access to several templates and document examples from an existing mentoring program. These documents and templates have been refined over years of providing mentoring services.

Question & Answer

Boot Camp participants are able to ask questions during the live teaching times or in the private Facebook group. Your instructor is here to answer your questions...even those that may be challenging or sensitive topics!

Networking Opportunity

Network with fellow instructors who are also new or current mentors. This is a great time to build your network and learn from others!

What You Will Learn:

Why Mentor

Find your WHY as a mentor. Your WHY can help you define your mentoring, push through challenging times, and give you a push to keep going.

Define Your Mentoring

Define what YOU can offer as mentor based on your strengths and resources. This is key to setting you and your mentee up for less stress.

Application & Screening

Discover why you need an application and screening process and how to implement them. Learn from my past "oops" situations so you don't hit the same roadblocks. 

Mentoring Techniques

Learn when and how to implement several different techniques that will take your mentoring to the next level and set you and your mentee up for success.

Progress Your Mentee

Develop or refine your own mentoring/training progression with the help of a tried and true format that has been refined over a decade.

Communication & Consistency

Refine how you communicate and maintain consistency with your mentees. This will raise your level of professionalism and retention. 

Meet Your Instructor

Saebra Pipoly

Saebra is the owner and founder of Hoof Falls & Footfalls, LLC where she specializes in teaching adaptive riding lessons as well as providing in-person, online, and remote clinics geared towards instructor education, coaching, and development. 

She is a lifelong equestrian and has been immersed in the EAAT industry since early 2008 where she has since received multiple certifications and training through PATH Intl. and CHA. She has a passion for building up and educating instructors through in-person and online educational opportunities.

Grow and empower quality instructors = growing the number of lives impacted through high-quality adaptive equine activities.