Call in Clarity, Reclaim Energy, Foster Well-Being, 
Overcome Overwhelm, Expand Capacity

Mentoring is an important relationship and I'm looking forward to meeting youbut first, please consider giving the following information a quick read, jot down what sparks your interest and then schedule your complimentary discovery call...or if you prefer - 
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What to Expect During our Discovery Call

This is your opportunity to take whatever is ‘up’ for you and let it roll. Clarity of thought is not needed (that’s what I’m here to help you with). I take notes. I listen. I ask questions and you ask questions. We formulate a plan that works best for your particular needs and desires. 

Whether you choose to join with me in mentoring or not, this can be a cathartic conversation and we'll likely have a few laughs too!

By unpacking your emotional luggage that has unwittingly been filled with outside (often hidden) influences;
creating thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, that aren't you or yours, you begin to reveal what is getting in your way, why this is happening, and how you can move forward towards your desires and dreams, with much more ease.

The 'Calling in Clarity' Transformative Learning System...

Using discovery exercises, conversation and intuition, hidden blocks  REVEAL themselves, fostering an expanded awareness, which allows you see the cause and affect of core issues, that have been (unwittingly) leading you away from your goals and desires and triggering feelings of overwhelm, not enough and self-comparison.

By harnessing the power of self-reflection, mindfulness and field exploration to integrate what you're learning, you begin to RELEASE what is no longer serving your greatest good, clearing the path for authentic confidence to emerge.

As your emotional load lightens
, clarity emerges, healthy energy increases and you begin to RESPOND differently—shifting social-conditioning, to self-conditioning, and re-packing your luggage with what truly fits you!

With supportive integration practices
, you  RE-ORIENT to your inner strengths and what lights you up, expanding your capacity to achieve your desires and harness success on your terms, with an unwavering devotion to your well-being.

"There's no stopping a women devoted to her own well-being and powered by a well-nourished soul!" ~Suzy

Benefits of My Mentoring Niche Are:

  • Cultivate your foundation that supports clarity of thought and intention, for soul-aligned success (success by your definition, not success as our culture has defined it).
  • Overcome overwhelm - disengage from busyness and the beliefs that feed overwhelm.
  • Embrace practices that support well-being of self for sustainable contribution to what's important to you.
  • Reclaim your life energy, and align with your personal rhythm to support sustainable contribution to what matters most, personally and professionally.
  • No longer lose valuable energy stolen by thoughts of self-doubt, self-comparison and not doing.
  • Achieve a seven-figure income...if that's what you desire. Of course, I can't guarantee this. But I can guarantee the clarity needed to discern between cultural influenced desires, and soul-desires, with an ever-expanding capacity to scale (if that's what you choose) while upholding a devotion to your well-being.


Shifting from Uncertainty to Clarity

Understand the hidden forces that lead you to overwhelm and mental monkey mind. Illuminate behaviors, beliefs and habits that get in your way of flourishing with more ease. Increase your clarity, focus and capacity for accomplishing what's most important to you, with less energy output and more confidence!

Removing Blocks to Success and Joy

Reveal often hidden self-sabotaging behaviors. Eliminate reaction, putting out fires and replace with thoughtful, clear, confident action, so that you are no longer held hostage to  status quo. Develop tools to cultivate mental spaciousness for creative ideas, reflective problem solving and progressive success.

Loosening the Grip of Non-Supportive Behaviors and Responses

Learn how to not let the “shoulds” rule your life (shifting non-supportive behaviors is like unlocking the king pin - a log that blocks the flow of logs downriver) and let loose your natural flow of creativity with grounded, energized, inner-directed leadership. Learn actionable steps and strategies you can take now to shift into flow, expanding joy while calling in clarity and  ease.

Crafting Your Soul-Aligned Success Blueprint

No longer lost in the daily shuffle of a too long 'to-do' list your productivity expands and discernment for ‘what matters most’ increases, fostering an ever-growing sense of  calm, ease and clarity of mind.
Become skilled at easily articulating where to focus your time and energy for the most significant and soul-filling outcome - personally
and professionally. 

BEHIND THE SCENES - Program Development:
With astute guidance from my mentor, Dr. Susanna Maida, PhD - an expert in transformational adult learning, I embarked on a 12-month odyssey, and some of the most challenging creative work I've ever engaged in. We mapped 40 years of trial, trauma and triumph, driven by my former addiction to busyness and pleasing, distilling the methods I used to overcome overwhelm, anxiety, control and self-doubt into a comprehensive learning system for powerful transformation - liberating women from the burden of 'not enough' and the myth of busy equals success.

“I have known Suzy for over 10 years and have witnessed her overcome her own busyness and transform her life. She is an inspiration to so many, a gifted teacher and mentor. I have gained so much personally from her deep wisdom and insightful mentoring. She truly walks her talk. I am honored to call her a dear friend and excited about the important work she is doing to help women do less and live more! If you have a chance to work with Suzy, just do it!”

-Barbara Huson [Stanny], Author of “Overcoming Underearning” and “Sacred Success”
The Leading Authority on Women and Money.

"I needed to do SOMETHING to move my business ideas forward, and I liked a lot of what I’d read on Suzy’s blog. I went into our work together thinking I’d emerge with a business plan, or some other concrete “product.” What I got out of it was SO much more valuable! I was able to identify all the ways I limit myself, to look at self-sabotaging behaviors, and to explore the reasons behind my lack of confidence around my work. As a result of my work with Suzy I have started saying NO to things (which is huge for me), and when people ask me what I do for work, I’ve stopped saying, “I’m trying to start a business” and started saying, “I have a business.” Through this program I really recognized how important the work I’m doing is to me, and I’ve started putting myself out in the world with more confidence. I’m meeting with my first paying clients this afternoon!"

-Carrie Andrews, Advanced Care Planning & Patient Advocacy /

Suzy was recommended to me by two separate people, because she has a knack for clearing out the cobwebs and bringing clarity. I was struggling with how to feel whole and worthy in my life. Trying to find the path that would truly be the most beneficial for me. She provided lots of questions, and exercises to help get the grit out on the page and bring forth a better understanding about what I wanted. She takes you deep into a realm, most of us don’t explore, but it’s crucial, to reach the point of clarity I was seeking. She taught me to look at life from a more positive, mindful perspective, and gave me the very important tools & confidence to make new transformative habits. She is the best mentor ever!!!”

-Kirsten Campbell

What are you feeling called to work on? 


Based on your needs and your desired outcome, packages can be customized to your particular needs.

A fun and supportive option - rally up a few friends or co-workers for group mentoring!
Prices range from $75 to $4000.

Monthly Mentoring: 
Bring your outer world, into alignment with your inner world, cultivating soul-aligned success and living.
Have you ever wished that you had more support in your life, or someone you could talk to about anything? A person you can bounce ideas off of, help navigate stuck points, celebrate successes (aka brags), vent frustrations, digest, reflect, share or even hold your feet to the fire for kickass accountability?
You'll find the twice-monthly sessions to be deeply supportive for finding your clarity and to keep moving forward...with much more ease!

Two 60-min. private sessions per month.

+One 15-minute optional tune-up session per month

Calling in Clarity 1:1 Signature Program: 
6-months Private Mentoring : Interactive. Personalized to you.
*This program guides you through the Calling in Clarity more. Let's talk for more details!

Weekly e-mail access:
Questions, Share Ah ha moments, Reflection.
**The 55 page, comprehensive ‘Calling in Clarity’ 8-section handbook, which includes transcripts (no need to take notes), worksheets, 'tools' and fieldwork, printed and mailed to you.
**Six: 15-minute optional 'tune-up' phone sessions.
*When paid in full, receive four additional 60min bonus sessions = 24 sessions total.

The Calling in Clarity 'Light' Program
(Focusing on your big breakthrough desire) 
4-months Private Mentoring 
+Four 15-minute optional tune-up phone sessions 
+Downloadable Calling in Clarity Workbook 
*When paid in full, receive 1 additional 60-minute session = 13 sessions total. 

A La Carte Session 
75-minute session
Work with me in this concentrated session to resolve an issue of your choice.
Click here to schedule your A La Carte Session. No Discovery Call needed. 

(+ Bonus one-time 30-minute follow-up session) 

Let's Talk!

By learning how to disentangle yourself from the socially influenced ‘shoulds of life',
you tap into your truth, allowing clarity, instead of obligation to lead you.