Create a weekly menu plan in 30 minutes or less - even with a toddler and the dog on your lap.

Stop the nightly 5pm panic and always know the answer to the question, "What's for dinner?" 

with the

Menu Planning Made Easy Bundle

Here's what you get in the Menu Planning Made Easy Bundle...

  • πŸ‡ Menu Planning Made Easy, a step-by-step guide, which gives you all the tools you need to consistently create weekly menu plans in 30 minutes and spend less on food - even though prices are going up every week ($25 Value)
  • πŸ‡ The $50 Weekly Menu Challenge Workbook, real-life examples of how to grocery shop on a tight budget and plan family-friendly menus ($20 Value)
  •  πŸ‡ Saving Time and Energy in the Kitchen, a practical guide for taking control of the amount of electricity you use while cooking every week ($10 Value)
  • πŸ‡ Recipe Inspiration, when you feel stuck in a rut and are tired of making the same thing every night, these worksheets help you find exciting, new recipes in 30 minutes or less ($7 value)
  • πŸ‡ Grocery Haul Handbook, make ingredients go further a throw less out with my step-by-step process for using perishable items  before they rot. ($8 value)

A $70 Value 

Just $22 Today

Note: This is an eBook. No physical product will be mailed.

What if you've tried menu planning before and given up after two weeks?

No worries! 

The Menu Planning Made Easy Bundle is a step-by-step guide, which gives you all the tools you need to consistently create weekly menu plans in 30 minutes and spend less on food - even though prices are going up every week.

Even if...

  • you panic multiple times a week as you look at the clock, realize that the day has flown by, and you are (once again) looking at an empty dinner table at 5pm.
  • you feel like you go day after day with no firm food plans β€“ and no idea what is in the house to eat.
  • getting dinner on the table before 8pm each night is majorly stressing you out.
  • you know the pizza delivery guy on a first name basis and if he hasn't heard from your family for a while he gets concerned that you have been ill.

With the Menu Planning Made Easy Bundle

You'll learn how to:

  •  organize your pantry, freezer, and fridge - and track the contents so you'll stop wasting money, throwing out brown, slimy, or rotted food every week.
  • reverse menu plan - to save both time and money.
  • make your weekly grocery shopping faster and less expensive - by consistently using a few, simple tricks.

Need real-life examples of how to grocery shop on a tight budget and plan family-friendly menus?

Here are all the details on what you get ....

A $70 Value

Just $22 today

Note: This is an eBook. No physical product will be mailed.

If you feel guilty for feeding your family more frozen pizza or mac and cheese than you'd care to admit

and are constantly thinking, "Why can't I get it together?”

I totally understand - because I've been there, too.

After years of playing the "5pm panic game" I realized my biggest issue was that I truly had no idea what was even in my pantry, or freezer, or refrigerator. 

Not only that, I had no way to track it (even if I did know the contents). 

I never wrote a weekly menu plan - and figured it was a lost cause anyway, because I'd have to carve out at least two precious hours of free time every week create one. 

I needed was a simple system that was fast, easy, and repeatable.

    A $70 Value. Just $22 today

    Note: This is an eBook. No physical product will be mailed.

    Who are we and what do we know about saving money?

    Even though we've just met, we're Hope and Larry and we want you to consider us your new, personal, BFF, frugality sherpas.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What if I've tried saving money in the past and given up?

    A. I can't count the number of times, we have had to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start again. Progress is about figuring out what works and what doesn't. It's not about perfection.

    The great thing about this bundle is the fact that it is the result of all the work we have done in the past 30 years to create a formula that actually works when it comes to managing our grocery budget and feeding our family ah-mazing food at the same time. We've used these strategies countless times - and they will work for you, too!

    Q: Why should I spend money to save money?

    A: I am so excited that you're ready to take the next step to embrace a lifestyle of spending less and saving more. That's amazing. But, let's face it, we tend to take action when we have some skin in the game. We value what we pay for.

    But, I know that saving money is important to you. That's why I priced this amazing resource at just $22, instead of $40 (and remember, Larry and I have used these strategies to save, literally, thousands of dollars on our food bills over the past 30 years) .

    Q: Will I get product updates for free?

    A: Once you own it, even if the Menu Planning Made Easy Bundle increases in price, you'll never be charged another penny. Plus, you'll be sent upgraded or updated versions for free.

    Q: Can I make copies of the forms?

    A: Of course. Once you pay for the bundle, you own the rights to make copies of any of the forms for your personal use. But, please don't share the eBooks with others. We price our products reasonably so that anyone can afford to buy them.

    Q: Will I be sent something in the mail?

    A: No, this is strictly a digital product. However, you can take the digital file to a copy business, like Office Depot, and get copies made of any of the forms from the eBooks.

    Q: Do you offer refunds?

    A: No, we don't. This is a digital product, meaning that once you receive it, we can't offer any refunds.

    If you feel like you need to pray fervently before leaving your home to go grocery shopping, you are not alone. 

    I hear from dozens of women just like you every week, who are genuinely concerned over the fact that every time they buy food for their family, it costs more

    In the Menu Planning Made Easy Bundle you'll get

    • examples from my own, personal grocery shopping trips 
    • money-saving menu plans that that have allowed me to feed my family of four for just $50 for seven days
    • You'll not only learn how to save money at the grocery store, you'll also feed your family delicious meals - the kind of food that prompts your kids to line up to ask for second helpings.

    Grab it now for $22.

    Note: This is an eBook. No physical product will be mailed.