Introduction to Sylius for merchants

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28.10.20 11:00 GMT+2

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Paweł Jędrzejewski

My work as a leader at Sylius is focused now on helping businesses and development teams to break-up with their legacy eCommerce platforms and outdated development processes.

What you'll learn

What is Sylius?

What is so different about our approach to eCommerce platforms and what are the advantages over legacy solutions. What is Sylius offering out of the box?

SCS vs. Microservices

Do you need microservices for your eCommerce? Is the complexity worth the benefit? When is the right time to migrate away from monolith and how to do it?

Headless eCommerce

What is "headless"? Is it ready for production and what is the current state of headless eCommerce platforms? Which projects are suitable for headless Sylius and which are not?

Open Source vs. SaaS

What are the advantages of open-source platforms over propertiary solutions delivered as SaaS? What are the drawbacks of having open code base for your e-commerce?

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