How would you feel if you knew EXACTLY how to get your dream client’s attention?

When I started as a Virtual Assistant, I used to offer everything to everyone because I hadn’t actually considered who my ideal client was. I just wanted the work and to start earning some money. There is a place for that, but it’s not a place you want to be in for too long. 

Sometimes we can make the mistake of staying in that place and forget to move forward. It can become a bit of a safe and ‘comfy’ zone. Which is not great for so many reasons. 

Maybe we get to the point where we have stopped jumping out of bed in the morning to get stuck into our freelancing life like we used to. 

(Yep that was me!)

I’ll stop there as this is all feeling a bit sad and I have to tell you now...

This workbook is going to help you to identify those dream clients that you want to work with. It will clear up WHAT and HOW you are going to write your content to attract them, as well as a sh*t load of other useful information and advice to give you the best start possible. 

No more doing work that doesn't light you up!

"Sam takes the time to listen to my language"

There is a simple fix and you might not have even realised it!

Instead you will have a book full of ideas that are specific to you, specific to your ideal client, personally tailored to you and your business, that you can tap into at ANY time!

Image if you could start writing the kind of content that has your ideal client screaming at the screen “YEEEESSSS! You are talking to MEEEEE! Gimmie that phone NOW!!

It would feel bloody amazing right??

So I did it. I’ve spent time and money on figuring it all out. And once I started to change my messaging and where I was hanging out I had my dream clients knocking at my door. Every single one of my clients is my ideal client!

My clients all fit my ideal ‘Client Avatar’

(what the hell’s an Avatar Sam? Isn’t that a film?)

A ‘Client Avatar’ is just the latest label you will see kicking about online that describes everything in detail about your dream client. Where they shop, where they eat and where they hang out. When you delve deep into all that shizzle, you can start to REALLY connect with your dream clients and immerse yourself into the kind of content that they need to hear from you. The content that resonates with them and gives them all the right tingles!

So how are you going to do it?

Well I’m not giving it to you on a plate put it that way! (sorry it doesn’t work like that) You need to spend some time to work through this workbook as it's going to be very personal to you, although the concepts apply to everyone. It’s full of questions, tips and advice to help you generate a sh*t load of content ideas.

You are going to come away with a crystal clear idea of how you communicate with your ideal client.

Now I’m no copywriter. (I love writing!) But it’s not my day job. I’m a Virtual Office Manager, and part of that role is that I need to have a SUPER CLEAR understanding about how content marketing works. It’s my job to know how to apply this to my client’s businesses. I write content for them so it’s vital that I have a good understanding of how to do it, and to do it well!

Once you start communicating with your ideal client by using my workbook, and putting into practice the exact same methods as me, you will:

✔ Be able to say yes only to those jobs that light you up

✔ Enjoy every working day because you are working in alignment with your business purpose

✔ Be able to turn down the jobs you don’t like because you are working at capacity

✔ Be in a better headspace to think more strategically about your business

✔ Adopt a growth mindset as your business is no longer about staying still in the ‘safe’ zone.

Whether you sell products or services, this workbook can apply to you.

So what you are waiting for? 

Do you want to have a ‘go to’ guide to get your content nailed and start living the dream? Or are you going to stay in your ‘safe’ space?