Let's make your dreams come true with the Manifestation Course Metamorphosis

This online course will give you all the necessary information to understand and learn how to manifest your dreams at the same time guide you on how to surpass your blocks to manifest with ease

Everyone wants a better life, a better relationship, a better financial situation. Everyone wants to transform themselves and live in abundance. Which is so beautiful and rightfully yours.

Life is about choices and I want you to make a choice to live your aligned and abundant life

Think about it, living the aligned life would be so abundant and happy! How much gratitude there will be when you are actually living in the midst of your dreams, happiness would be a regular in your life. 

Think about a life where check off your dreams one by one. Just thinking about it relaxes your body and fills it with excitement and joy ❤ 

Can you feel the happy hormone being released in your body?

The turning point for you to live your dreams is now!

I want to remind you that you are as unique as a snowflake. There hasn't been nor will be one more of you so why not follow that special journey to the fullest?

Are you ready for a change so that you see that in your future as well by investing in yourself? 


Michelle Slote

Working with Denis has transformed my business! She not only has given me so many profit-producing ideas to implement within my business, but she has helped me manifest things I never thought were possible. She will open your eyes to a new perspective on business and life. What I didn’t expect was how positively her support would affect me, on a personal level.. truly amazing. Working with her has been an incredibly uplifting experience, professionally and personally!
I mean every word!

Blog To Biz Visionary Coach


Hi There Friend!

My name is Denis Tunca.

I am a Business Visionary & Strategy Coach.

I empower women and help them to transform into who they want to become in their dreams.

I went through my own inner journey by having my daughter.

With time I realized my situation and took control over it. I wanted to work, but on my own conditions and having the freedom of spending my time the way I wanted with my daughter.

During personal development, I was introduced to manifestation. The result?


  • Manifested over 5000 $ in 6 days,
  • Manifested a new phone in 3 weeks,
  • Manifested 20.000 $ in 3 days,
  • I manifest things daily like a coffee, breakfast, cold drink etc.

Now I want to share my knowledge and techniques that work to manifest any of your desires into your life!

Because I want you to get good at it as well, where you can manifest your desires and dreams into your life, business, bank account, relationship, you name it!

A little about myself through others eyes

Shonda Padron

I love how Denis pays attention to details. She's helped to pinpoint different issues and concerns to help me grow in a positive way. I appreciate you so much. Thank you

Ladies Purity Coach



Marisa Robinson

Denis' positivity and motivation are what really attracted me to her and what makes her an incredible coach. She taught me that the power of positive thinking along with hard work and determination really IS the key to success. If you are stuck in a rut and looking for a sign, Denis is it!