Mamas' Getaway Weekend

Carlsbad, CA | September 26th & 27th, 2020

Seed and Sew’s Mamas' Getaway Weekend is a two-day educational experience for mamas from every walk of life to come together and be intentional about their emotional intelligence, parenting, and partnerships. If you’re a mama looking to expand your village while building your parenting toolbox, join us for a weekend of workshops and inspiration!

After joining us for a two-day getaway you’re taking home with you…

Tools to Build Emotional Intelligence in your Tiny Human

We don't get to control tiny humans' experiences, but we do get to provide them with a toolbox to navigate it all. I want your kiddos to have a skillset to navigate the hard stuff like feeling left out, embarrassed, disappointed, sad, scared, and overwhelmed. So many of us didn't get this support as kiddos. Let us help you build a different foundation for your tiny humans using the Collaborative Emotion Processing method I co-created and researched across the US.

Understanding of Your Habits, Patterns, and Beliefs and How to Rewrite them

We are all who we are today because of who we were yesterday, but how did we get to who we were yesterday? Having an understanding of how our past journeys delivered us to our present selves is necessary to show up in this world as our best selves, and is crucial for recognizing where our priorities and biases come from. You’ll deepen your understanding of your biases, patterns, and habits, as well as how to rewrite them. Let’s deep dive into our pasts together, mama!

New Ways to Navigate CoParenting and your Partnership

Due to our past experiences and belief systems, we all approach parenting in different ways. I want you and your co-parent to not only understand one another’s current approach to parenting but to understand where you are coming from and why. We will also discuss how to move past the Female Mental Load of being in charge of all the organizing and into a true partnership. Women are often carrying the emotional and logistical energy of the household and we will address how to relinquish control and move forward in partnership rather than as a delegator. Cus babe, it doesn’t have to be this hard.

A Plan to Show up in the World as your Best Self When you get back Home

How can you best show up in the world? There is no right answer here. It could be obtaining childcare support so you can have time and space to do stuff that fills your soul. It could be a grocery delivery service or a jogging stroller. It could be so many things. Figure out what fills you up and prioritize those things. Let the other stuff slide for a little bit. Once you get in the groove and you’re the best version of you, you’ll notice the other stuff really doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fill your soul. Prioritize you and the rest will fall into place. Want to see a change in your world? Tired of how you’re moving through each day? It starts with you, we’re just here to help.

Set your expectations to gain new perspectives, feel revitalized, cry and make new friends. Get ready to create a tangible plan to be the person, partner, and parent you want to be.

"Mamas' Getaway was everything I wanted AND MORE if I'm going to be away from my babies and partner."


Once you purchase your ticket you'll get access to a mama platform to collaborate with other mamas if you want to share a hotel room, fly in together, or just connect beforehand! You'll also have access to the full itinerary, FAQs, and workshop resources.

See you in San Diego, mama!