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The 7-Day Midlife Transformation Kickstart Challenge

This FREE challenge will give you a boost so you can start experiencing midlife in a whole new way.

Why should you do this challenge? 

In only seven days, you can set the stage for a fabulous midlife transformation that will last well into your golden years. Do something for yourself and those you love...and make your midlife matter!

What's involved?

You'll get a daily email from me that includes one micro challenge and a journaling activity. Each micro challenge will focus on a specific area that has a major impact on how you experience midlife ncluding your mindset, stress management, nutrition, exercise, connection, and purpose. Building on little actions to create momentum, this challenge is enough to push you but not too much to squeeze into your busy life. 

What do you get?

  • A downloadable journal to keep track of your insights and observations.
  • Seven days of achievable challenges to set the stage for your vibrant and vital midlife.
  • Free guided meditations to help you focus and stay grounded.
  • Videos with easy yoga sequences for flexibility and strength.
  • Plant-based recipes that are quick, easy, delicious to boost health and vitality.
  • 30 minutes of free coaching with me after you've completed the entire seven days to get the support you need to make lasting change. 

"As your Holistic Life Coach, I'll be here during your seven-day challenge to give you the support and encouragement you need to experience midlife in a whole new and exciting way."

Dana Leipold


Are you ready?


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