Trauma support for the Mind, Body, and Spirit


I'm an Art Therapist by training, as well as a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Breathwork Facilitator.  I apply my skills and experience as a trauma therapist to facilitate groups that help develop the capacity for self-healing, connection to the body, and the quality of being held that we can only find in community. 

Though I believe in psychotherapy as a unique type of support, I believe in the power of holistic modalities to facilitate a deep level of growth and change.  I am especially passionate about holding space for therapists and those who hold space for others. This type of work is the focus of what I'm doing in the world.

I offer Energywork, Trancework, Breathwork, and Therapeutic Coaching for adults, utilizing sliding scale for all offerings. I also offer Reiki Training specifically for Psychotherapists and Trauma workers. 

My newsletter is a place to stay updated on what I'm offering, but it's also a place to explore, learn, and contemplate from a psycho-spiritual perspective.  I'd like to think it's also a community space in itself.  If you sign up you can expect to receive 1-4 emails per month, usually with a short "essay" of some sort.  You can join us by signing up below!