How can Mi Lifeline Learning help you?

Did you know that 90% of start-ups do not succeed? Scary figure right, well I want to change that to 90% can succeed! 

I have seen too many start-ups going in blindly, wasting time and lots of money without the few basic Marketing principles in place and I want to STOP this cycle. Today we have access to so many resources, so why should you continue to be frustrated and not succeed in your business which you are passionate about?

It is a case of 'I have been there and made the same mistakes' so now I want to share these key learning's from my corporate Marketing background with you. Why? Because I am passionate about what I do and I want to share my passion with you.

So what are the finer details?

We meet online once a week for 1-hour on a Wednesday at 10am (GMT+2)

It is a group session of business owners, lead by a Marketing expert

Each week we will discuss a specific topic with one open topic per month

The First Month is FREE for everyone

Monthly fee thereafter is R475 or $30

I would recommend Mi Lifeline to all Business Owners and Entrepreneurs! The Marketing content is fresh every single week! I walk away with action/next steps, new learning and/or gaining deeper understanding of a concept or topic, every single week! Megan’s passion for Marketing shines through in all the care and work she puts into these session, her delivery is seamless and professional. The sessions are very interactive and fun to attend, and a highlight in my calendar!"

Yolanda van Wyk - Fruitful Factory 

What is Mi Lifeline Learning?

Mi Lifeline Learning is our online Marketing membership program to continually help business owners learn about Marketing and to help them improve without the feeling of being frustrated or overwhelmed. 

These are group sessions where we come together online just once a week for one hour with one relevant topic per week but loads of key learnings.

We believe in continued learning will improve your actions and deliver better results! 

We hope to see you soon!