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Shy Girls Can't Date Popular Boys.

Shy Girls Can't Date Popular Boys

There's just something about Tim. And, apparently, everybody else thinks so too.

He’s the new guy in school and instantly popular. Everyone is drawn to him, without knowing why.

But I know why. There’s a soulful kindness to him. Plus, I’ve never felt more attracted to a boy in my life. Just one problem. He’d never fall for a girl like me.

Why would the guy everyone adores take notice of the shy wallflower?

I’ll stick to dreaming about him from afar. That is until our biology teacher pairs us up in class. Do you think it’s possible to die from blushing?

And when Tim suggests we study together after school, is he being sincere? Is he caught up in a hazing ritual to prank a shy girl? Or could my dream guy actually love me back?