Shrenik Ganatra


I design typefaces, most of which can be seen on my Behance page


I also lead a Brooklyn-based alternative/shoegaze band Minaxi

Shrenik Ganatra

Greetings from Brooklyn!

I'm a multidisciplinary designer, musician and visual artist originally from India. Displayed above is an overview of some of my work in typeface design. Download my ADAM.CG Pro Typeface at the bottom of this page.


I write songs, perform, produce and design visuals for my alternative rock band Minaxi. We are a guitar-driven band that combines tones and cultures like.

We have a diverse sonic palette that includes genres such as psychedelic rock, shoegazing, dream pop, indie rock, noise rock, ambient music, techno and sufi. 

If you are on the lookout for new music with quality songwriting and mesmerizing visuals, I invite you to the world of Minaxi. You can listen to our catalog via our official website

Some of the songs that are a good introduction to the band include BugTheresa, Stargazer, Leaving Feeling, In The Blur, Ae Khuda, Naina, Smile and It's Got Me.

You can listen to the music and follow us on bandcamp via the button below. If you like what you hear, you can support us by purchasing the music and sharing it on your social channels.

Music Videos/Visuals

I also film, direct and edit Minaxi's music videos. Rather than following a linear narrative, I aim to explore the feeling evoked by the song through the visuals. Featured here is the video for our song Bug, one of the newer singles from the catalog.

You can watch all the music videos on Minaxi's YouTube channel by clicking here

Download ADAM.CG Pro / Instagram Account

Thank you for supporting my work. Click here to download the free
(for personal use) version of ADAM.CG Pro below. Follow the music/design on instagram via @minaxitheband and @shrenik18

You can also support by subscribing to my newsletter. I post regular updates on my design and music work. Would love to invite you to the community. Thank you! - Shrenik