Are you tired of reaching for yet another cookie when no one is looking? 

Do you want to stop feeling icky about that extra slice of pizza you ate last night?

  Do you want to stop feeling awful about all the night time cravings that seem to occupy you while your family is asleep?

You are wanting to start feeling better about your eating habits. You really want to change what is going on. 

But all these feelings and cravings have created a void in your system that nothing seems to fill it. 

It just feels so overwhelming.

I get it. I have been there. 

 I have also successfully given up on my habit of cookie binge. I have stopped drinking wine socially or at random Friday nights because I was bored. 

I do not have Thursday pizza nights. ( I used to have pizza nights for myself. I have two kids and neither of them cared for a Thursday pizza night. I used to binge on those pizzas and feel horrible the next day. )

     I have dropped 15 lbs in the last holiday season (2018) right after thanksgiving. 

I have even given up my habit of two cups of sugary  Indian tea and reduced to one or sometimes none. 

Mindful Eating has helped me change my relationship with foods. 

I am eager to give you a taste of mindful eating to help you change yours.