In short, a diverse community of heart-centered humans putting Mindful Improv Thinking™ to use in our various contexts.

In long, (if you'd like more info before signing up for one more dang email...)

At its core, improv is about vulnerability, accepting change and building something you can be proud of with imperfect people you usually didn't get to pick. It's about choosing to support each other's ideas and continuing to be vulnerable even after you fail: which you will. Lots of times.

Improv is immersion therapy for resilient collaboration. It's also really, really fun. In 2016, I started wondering what would happen if we took these concepts and put them to use restoring relationships at work, in our families and in our communities. 

Work that was done best when I started incorporating mindfulness practice - or learning to be fully in the present moment, exploring it with curiosity instead of judgement. I learned how beneficial this is for helping us make positive changes in our lives working as a Social Worker on a behavior change research study.

Through this work, the Mindful Improv Community was born.

Now there are hundreds of us all over the world :) Something that delights me on a daily basis. Thank you for being here. I couldn't be happier to welcome you!

2. Okay! But like, what am I signing up for?

Every Monday morning at 7am ET, I kick off the week with a note of Mindful Improv-inspired encouragement for brave conversations, brave reflection and bravely growing into our fullest expressions of love.

Joining the community also means you'll have access to:

  • Live zoom events (like the Mindful Improv Mini Retreats!) only open to this community
  • Interviews with inspiring heart-centered folks leading bravely in their corner of the world
  • Discounts on tickets for live events where I'm speaking (whenever possible)
  • Early registration for Mindful Improv retreats

3. Also... who even are you?

Hi! I'm Andrea Flack-Wetherald - a social worker turned comedian who is deeply passionate about bringing mindfulness and improv together to make the world a braver, kinder, healthier and more joyful place. 

I speak at companies and events full of heart-centered people committed to creating positive impact in the world. I teach them my processes for building, maintaining and restoring trust through Mindful Improv Thinking™.

I'm the author of The Funny Thing About Forgiveness: What every leader needs to know about improv, culture & the world's least favorite F word. It's become a #1 bestseller in Leadership Training on Amazon, and is being read and taught in churches, companies and universities on every inhabited continent. 

The foreword was written by Colin Mochrie of Whose Line is it Anyway and if you're curious, you can acquire 1-49 copies on Amazon, or 50+ copies from my website directly.

I'm a mom to two amazing kids, and wife to the greatest scene partner anyone could ask for. We live in Akron, OH with our two sweet pups and a mountain of unfolded laundry I'm fairly certain has become sentient.

Thanks for being here!