Mini course for morning rituals to supercharge your life


- Feeling overwhelmed, overthinking, don't know how to get back on track with your routine

- Learn how to manage your energy more effectively - stop feeling tired in the morning and learn how to create beautiful energized mornings where you look and feel great

- Reap the benefits of creating a daily morning routine and why top successful people are doing it for years

- Learn how to commit to a certain time a day

- Overcome feeling restless and impatient

- Get motivated to meditate and find the right type of meditation for you

- Take control over your mental health


- Detailed introduction why are morning self-care rituals so amazing for mental health, anxiety, energy management and a must do, who are the super successful people who practice them and why

- 5 most common morning rituals and how to do them

- Resources for each ritual and explanation how to practice

- Downloadable check list for motivation

- My support via facebook group


I am an intuitive healer, dancer, traveler, empath, astrologer, animal lover.  My journey to coaching has started when I quit my job as a diplomat in 2011 and moved to Bali, where I live now.

I have made that giant leap from safety, corporate and external success to explore my truth, my values and find my true gifts.

During my 6 year adventure of living on Bali, Indonesia I found my purpose and mastered morning rituals and whole food diet.

I help people get clarity on their purpose with NLP, astrology insights, and intuitive healing to serve the world with their gifts.

I have studied evolutionary astrology for the past 10 years, NLP, Theta Healing, Reiki and transformational dance.

Let's do this and have some some fun :)

With love and light,


Tino Nazif

Photographer and tour guide

Iva’s program truly helped me improve my time-management skills, gain more emotional stability and control and to better organize my schedule by freeing more focus, energy and time for the things I love to do, things that make me happy!

Dejana Makek

Manager and healer

Before Iva's coaching about self care rituals I felt fear, unsettled and low self-confidence. In just one session, Iva helped me find the source of fear and removed it, so the fear disappeared and I felt so much better.
Iva helped me create morning ritual, that I have been doing for 5 weeks, and everything is so much easier for me. I feel fulfilled and have strong self confidence, now. Working with Iva was a blessing.