MUSIC TREE - mini guide  

It's a new, creative way to learn music activities whilst discovering MUSIC TREE's approach to music education! 

What will you find in this guide?

Every day, for 4 days, you will receive via email a new page of the guide with the explanation of different music games based on body music, Gordon's Music Learning Theory, the use of musical instruments and Non-violent communication. 

We will learn the original song "Just like a kite" and we will discover together how to use it with different ages, starting with babies and toddlers, and ending with children that are ready to play an instrument.

We will talk about aspects related to music education, music therapy and Non-violent communication. Through videos, live sessions and webinars we will deepen the contents of the guide together and jump directly into Music Tree's classes for children.

FIRST OF ALL: follow MUSIC TREE's Facebook page because we will meet there for our daily live lessons.


  • daily page of the guide in PDF format that you can print and keep with you like a proper guide:
    • 1st day - children 0/3 with parents or carers
    • 2nd day - children 3/4: flow, structure movement and use of instruments
    • 3rd day - children 5/6: use of hoops, body music and instruments
    • 4th day - children 7+: body music, piano and various instruments
  • video examples that will show you in a very clear way how to follow the activities
  • daily live sessions 
  • Webinar 7th of May with Tiziana steps to build a body music activity + Q&A
  • Webinar 8th of May with Pedro: Circle music and Non-violent communication in music education

See you there!


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