Course Outline

Day 1

Learn the importance of setting goals, and how to set financial goals that set you up for success.

Day 2

Learn about the different types of budgets you can use, why you should budget, and how to budget.

Day 3

Learn how to track your financial health with one number... your net worth.

Day 4

Emergencies happen all the time, learn how to be prepared for them!

Day 5

Learn about good debt and bad debt, and come up with a plan to destroy your bad debt.

Day 6

We all have to spend money, learn how to optimize your spending to get every bang for your buck.

Day 7

Learn how to make more money so that you can pay off debt faster and stress less.

Day 8

Learn how to start making your money work for you by investing it.

Day 9

Review your financial goals from Day 1 and make some updates.