6 Weeks. You. Me. Weight Loss. Donuts. Welcome to The Misfit Method.


The Misfit Method 6 Week Program for a Healthier You

(Weight loss included)


I love watching what makes people tick when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle. The changes they seek out. The new diet or exercise approaches. I’ve watched countless family and friends go through this ever evolving circle of carefree eating to strict control in search of finding the right balance of eating nirvana that their brain, wallet and waist are all happy with.

On the clinical end, I’m seeing new approaches from all spectrums that have some decent research data to back up why cutting this out or using this technique is working. In my head I can’t help but think what would happen if several of these methods combined couldn’t lead to that right balance. No more exhausting rules that take the fun out of eating and breaking bread with friends. A here’s your cake and yes you can eat it too approach. Doesn’t that sound perfect? I love cake; especially covered with sprinkles.

If you’re fed up with trying to count calories, living with too many diet restrictions (sugar & white flour I’m looking at you) or feel you need to spend countless hours working out to avoid gaining just a few pounds this might be the right method for you.


What does this 6 week plan look like?

Week 1: Setting the tone

Creating the right mindset with vision homework.

45 minute virtual session with this dietitian to review nutritional needs, gather anthropometric measurements, review your health related goals and vision work

Review how daily check ins using Image Based Dietary Records helps accountability.

Week 2: Setting Boundaries

Eliminating a few well studied culprits in our food supply.

Week 3: First major shift

Intermittent Fasting.

We talk about how long fasting should be and how many days per week.

And why longer or more does not equal better.

What foods or fluids can be eaten during fasting hours so you’re not hangry.

Week 4: Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have been blamed for much of our obesity epidemic.

Is there a way to live with them that doesn’t deprive us, helps us gain control of cravings and lose weight?

Oh Yes! And we’ll explore how much and WHEN to eat them.

Week 5: Personal Week Long Challenge

After being your personal nutrition sidekick for the past month, this is where I really push you out of your comfort zone to make one change that will take your health journey to the next level.

But don’t worry it’s just for one week.

Although, you might feel great after and continue on.

Week 6: Learning to fly solo

Additional 1:1 time with this RD in a virtual setting as needed to discuss any questions, hiccups, and problem solving

Obtain additional body measurements.

Start talking about the E word…..Exercise.  

Deciding what comes next.

Who This Method was created for:

The woman (or man) that desires to lose 20 pounds or more

Habitual diet fad follower

Confused eater

Someone with prediabetes, insulin resistance or strong family history of diabetes

Lover of food but wants to lose weight

Not keen on exercise

Wants to eat healthy but doesn’t know where to start

While ultimately this plan might be good for you, at this stage if you have one of the following I’d recommend 1:1 nutrition counseling first to obtain a full medical overview:

Type 2 diabetes requiring insulin therapy

GI issues ie. Crohns, IBS, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), Colitis, Diverticular dx

Recently diagnosed heart disease

Newly diagnosed severe food allergies or intolerances including wheat or gluten

Undergoing current cancer therapy

Chronic inflammatory condition ie. Rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, hepatitis

Kidney disease

How does this method differ from free online accountability programs?

There’s no sales pitch at the end

No special products that I sell, however, I may recommend certain brand names to make shopping easier. I’m currently not affiliated with any brands or companies.

As a registered and licensed dietitian I can legally provide clinical nutritional assessments, goal setting, counseling and advice.

I’ve worked almost 20 years in the clinical field of nutrition. With that comes knowledge of reading and interpreting the research literature. But most importantly it comes with vast experiences of working with patients and clients providing education and motivation to achieve goals.

What’s the Cost?

$529 for 6 weeks of counseling, coaching and accountability using imaged based dietary software that’s completely HIPPA compliant. (That’s all fancy stuff for saying, your privacy is of my utmost importance). And feel free to use your HSA (Health Savings Account) credit card if you have one. However, you may want to check with your provider or get a doctor referral first to see a dietitian just in case you get audited. Unfortunately every provider is different. 

Is there a discount if I bring a friend?
Heck Yeah!!

The Misfit Method is in its introductory year. What that means is that it’s still being tweaked, there may be technical issues that still need to be addressed or program methods that I may discover and add to make it even better! So if you want to invite a friend along, you’ll get a huge bonus. Use the coupon code FRIENDS at checkout for $125 off!! That’s right you EACH get $125 off!!

Spots are very limited per 6 week session (maximum is 5), so grab your spot TODAY!

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